The Imam Fainted!


Our chef Numan taught us how to make a very traditional dish that I can’t wait to try out when I get home, if only for the name.  It’s called The Imam Fainted – presumably from the deliciousness of the dish, – eggplant stuffed with either vegetables or minced beef.In this case it was beef, with lots of garlic and onions and tomatoes.

unnamed3While the eggplant roasted in the galley, we took the dinghy over to the harbour and went for a hike.  We passed by the hauntingly beautiful ruins of some Roman Baths, called Cleopatra’s Baths, (although historians have proved she could not have been here).  We walked along the cliffs through pine forests, and clean pine-scented fresh ocean air.  A local fisherman volunteered to show us the best path, and invited us to have tea at his house.  We didn’t have time but he was so friendly and hospitable, as so many of the Turkish people we have met have been.unnamed4

The dinghy met us and brought us back to the boat in time for a swim before lunch, and then we set sail for our last port, Gocek.  It felt like we had returned to civilization, and it was a bit of culture shock after the quiet coves and peaceful serentiy of the past week.

unnamed5Gocek is a busy and important yachting centre, with dozens of shops and bustling restaurants and  massive yachts docked at the marina.  We explored the town and then dressed for our final dinner, a fine spread of lamb shanks and red peppers with garlic, eggplant, salad and a semolina sweet for dessert.

We said goodbye to the staff and to most of the passengers as we will be leaving before most of them in the morning.

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