The Farbers tour windmills at Kinderdijk, then enjoy the captain’s farewell dinner

By Frank Farber

Special to AllThingsCruise

Another wonderful day beginning with breakfast. By the way, there are alarm clocks in the room for which you do not need an electronics degree or a child to show you how to use. You need them because activities start early and on scheduled time.

We went on a trip to the Kinderdijk windmills — there are 19 of them. After a short scenic drive — and one truly admires the skills of the drivers as they navigate big buses on narrow, winding streets — we arrived at Kinderdijk. There you can see a short film on the history of the windmills in the area, tour a windmill by climbing narrow steps almost to the top, take a canal cruise through the area or visit a reasonably priced coffeeshop/souvenir store.

Later we spent time on the Sun Deck as the AMADolce cruised. People were water skiing, swimming, and picnicking on the banks of the river. The hot tub on the deck was in use and Nancy and I played a game of chess with the large, heavy pieces. Others relaxed in the warm sun.

Tonight was the Captain’s Farewell Dinner and Nancy and I had received an invitation to dine with Captain Miertschin. We learned that Val and Piers, our friends from Wales, had also been invited. Kate Barella, the Cruise Manger par excellence, told us to wait after the cocktail party and she would escort us to the table. Sue from England and Linda from Houston, Texas — who we had previously met — also joined us. But four people were missing. Turns out they thought their invitations were generic, relating to the overall dinner. Stanley and Lanita from Israel and Alice and Paul and our companions from earlier were rounded up and we sat down to a marvelous dinner with the Captain and Kate.

Cocktails, wine, delicious food and entertaining conversation made the evening go too fast. Following dinner, entertainment in the lounge was provided by Rolf, an extremely talented singer.

Tomorrow is a very early day as we go to visit the famous gardens at Keukenhof.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

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