The Best Excursion Yet…

We always try to balance out our trips with fun adventure and relaxation, and the adventures always leave us with the best memories.

We have been looking for a great location to try a canopy tour (aka. zip lining) and we found the BEST expierience in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Our trip was booked through Vallarta Adventures, and outstanding company with a reputation of professionalism, safety and most of all FUN! They have a ton of tour options, but we wanted the biggest thrill, so we chose the Outdoor Adventure. We started off the trip in true 007 style with a speed boat ride to Boca de Tomatlan, a secluded beach at the edge of the jungle on the southern shores of Banderas Bay. We flew across the bay, passing in front of all the large cruise liners and along the scenic coastline. Once we arrived at the small fishing town, we were met by a giant 4×4 Mercedes Unimog that took us off-roading  2,000 ft above sea level to the Vallarta Adventures base camp deep into heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains. We all hopped off the 4×4 to meet the rest of our tour guides and get fitted with our canopy gear and mule. Yep, you heard me,I said mule. While I was definitely a bit anxious about riding a mule up the side of a very steep mountain, it was nothing compared to how scared I got when we saw the first zip line!  I was shaking so badly the whole way across I barely enjoyed the scenery, but by the 2nd line I was already feeling like a pro and loving every second! About five lines in we came to a beautiful waterfall in the heart of the jungle with just a tiny platform sticking out over the edge and only one way down! The water was freezing, but it felt great after being quite sweaty from all the zip lining and light hiking. The next zip line was one they called “the wet chicken”, which was a lower line that splashed down right into a natural pond below the waterfalls, it was so much fun splashing down! A few more zip lines, a tight rope walk, and some light hiking we ended back at base camp. We all dropped our gear in a hurry since we could all smell the homemade quesadillas cooking and we had defintely worked up an appetite.

The entire outdoor adventure was just amazing, it included a little bit of every type of thrill, yet is still enjoyable for all ages. I give Vallarta Adventures and the Outdoor Adventure a 10 out of 10 and a definite must when visiting Puerto Vallarta!!!

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