The “Ocean Views” Debates on Crystal Cruises

Are politics your passion?  You won’t want to miss the “Ocean Views” program on Crystal Cruises in 2012.  “Ocean Views” brings together renowned experts from both sides of the aisle in a moderated debate of global issues and news items, followed by live Q&A.  Prominent political and world affairs pundits James Carville, Mary Matalin, former Ambassador Marc Ginsberg, and 4-star General Hugh Shelton will part of a discussion panel moderated by British foreign correspondent Ken Rees.

The foursome will discuss hot-button topics such as the changing Middle East landscape, and the upcoming 2012 U.S. presidential election.  The commentators will also present individual lectures in their areas of expertise prior to the debate, which is scheduled for Crystal Serenity’s World Cruise segment departing March 31 from Osaka to LA.  This “Great Northern Adventure” first overnights in Osaka, Japan before calling in Petropavlovsk, Russia; Dutch Harbor, Kodiak, Seward, and Ketchikan, Alaska; Vancouver and Victoria, B.C.; and San Francisco and Los Angeles/San Pedro, California.

Interactive technology will also allow audience members to share their own opinions during the debate via individual electronic polling keypads.

“Ocean Views” premiered in 2011 and was so successful, that the program is being continued and built upon by Crystal in the upcoming year.

The Experiences of Discovery theme will fuse other renowned experts together on four additional sailings throughout 2012, including international economics expert Robert Warne, counter-terrorism analyst Farhana Qazi, former LA Times editor Shelby Coffey, Ambassador Wendy Chamberlin, and Major General Pat Brady.


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