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Peeking behind the former Iron Curtain – River cruise opens doors in Eastern Europe

By Katherine Rodeghier  Ten of us sat around a kitchen table in a tidy home in eastern Croatia. Over cake and coffee, our hostess answered questions about life in villages still reeling from the effects of a war that ended on paper more than two decades ago. Fields still laced with land mines. Rampant unemployment. […]

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Viking Cruises partners with Discovery Times Square to sponsor new Vikings exhibition

Viking Cruises® announced that it has signed on as presenting sponsor of The Vikings Exhibition, which recently debuted in New York City’s Discovery Times Square. The new deal builds on Viking’s commitment to supporting cultural programming around the world, with current and past partners including PBS’ MASTERPIECE, the Los Angeles Philharmonic at The Hollywood Bowl, […]

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Viking Kara Cruise: Highlights of my cruise

ABOARD THE VIKING KARA – Going through airport security to catch my flight home from Amsterdam, the agent asked the “nature of my business” for the trip. When I answered that I had been on a Viking River Cruise, he gave me a smile. “Hard to return to reality, isn’t it?” he asked. Sure is. […]

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Viking Kara Cruise: Siren song of Lorelei, other legends inhabit castles on the Rhine

ABOARD THE VIKING KARA – Once upon a time there were two brothers who quarreled so violently that they set up separate castles and built a wall between them. Years passed and, as the two brothers aged, they mended their ways and decided it was better to be friends than enemies. To celebrate their newfound […]

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Why Viking is an excellent choice for your river cruise

ABOARD VIKING GULLVEIG – Obviously there are many choices out there when you’re trying to decide on a river cruise and selecting the right company can be a dilemma – especially when you’ve never done one – as was the case with me. I can honestly and fairly report, that Viking River Cruise’s excellent service […]

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Viking Kara Cruise: Visiting Germany’s famous Black Forest to hear cuckoos, eat cake

ABOARD THE VIKING KARA –  Centuries ago, farm families in Germany’s Black Forest would spend winters holed up in their mountain cabins.  Snowed in with few chores to do, the families – often with as many as a dozen children – would pass the time using natural resources they had at hand to create objects […]

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Final Day: Budapest

ABOARD THE VIKING GULLVEIG – What can you say about a city that takes your breath away? Budapest, our final stop is such a place. Despite grey clouds and crisp temperature, this city split in two on both sides of the Danube is a jewel. Historic Buda on the east and cosmopolitan Pest (pronounced “Pesht”) […]

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Viking Kara Cruise: Dining delights abound on river cruise

ABOARD THE VIKING KARA –  Would I prefer roasted pork medallions wrapped in parma ham, herb crusted ahi filet with warm chanterelle arugula vinaigrette or portobello mushroom lasagna? But, wait, that is just the first page. Another “always available” page offers even more choices – sautéed salmon filet, roast chicken breast or seared prime ribeye […]

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Day Six – Stepping Back in Time in Bratislava

ABOARD VIKING GULLVEIG – In contrast to the elegant city of Vienna we visited yesterday, we traveled in time – and to another world in Bratislava, Slovakia. Once part of the Hapsburg Empire and much later, under the domain of Russia, it’s a stark contrast to anything we’ve seen on this trip. In 1993 the […]

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Day Five: Visions of Vienna

ABOARD VIKING GULLVEIG – This morning Viking planned a half-day tour of this elegant city, where we spent the day exploring the old and the new. Vestiges of the mighty Hapsburg Empire, which was established here in 1273, can be found throughout this beautiful capital. After boarding yet another First Class bus and donning our […]

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