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Oceania Sirena Cruise: Specialty ship restaurant Red Ginger is superb

ABOARD THE OCEANIA SIRENA – I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I’ve never seen this happen. Maybe I just haven’t eaten in the right restaurants. Oceania Sirena has two specialty restaurants where reservations must be made. There is no extra charge – in fact, there are few extra charges at all on this […]

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Oceania Sirena Cruise: Dining options and excellent wait staff

ABOARD THE OCEANIA SIRENA – For my first lunch aboard Sirena, I was escorted to a window seat overlooking the panoramic Pacific. When I told maître d’ Susan Lingao that I thought I had the best seat in the Grand Dining Room, something surprising happened. Every time I entered the dining room after that, I […]

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Oceania Sirena Cruise: Ship offers many activities and entertainment options

ABOARD THE OCEANIA SIRENA – A friend asked me what there is to do on the Sirena cruise ship. A lot. Or nothing. The choice is up to each cruiser. The four-page Oceania Currents that is placed on our beds each night at turndown is filled with activity listings and information. The daily newsletter announces […]

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Oceania Sirena Cruise: Ship’s general manager worked his way up from deck boy

ABOARD THE OCEANIA SIRENA – My cruise had just started when I returned to my stateroom and saw an evaluation form about my journey. Now, I am accustomed to getting evaluation forms at the end of a cruise but not at the beginning. It does make sense though. If my cruise is over and there […]

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Oceania Sirena Cruise: Choosing from many great shore excursions

ABOARD THE OCEANIA SIRENA – Today, shall I go scuba diving, swim with a stingray, watch for dolphins, take a catamaran sail, ride in a glass bottom boat, do an off-road safari or hike the Three Coconuts Trail? Of course, I could just relax on a balmy Tahitian beach or stay aboard the beautiful Oceania […]

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Oceania Sirena Cruise: Tahiti deserves reputation as paradise

ABOARD THE OCEANIA SIRENA – Now I know why there was a mutiny on the Bounty. After sailors saw Tahiti, they didn’t want to leave. Can’t say that I blame them. Shaped like a turtle, the island of Tahiti is the largest of the 118 islands that make up the archipelago of French Polynesia. Created […]

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Oceania Sirena Cruise: Ship boasts many repeat passengers

ABOARD THE OCEANIA SIRENA – If Goldilocks were to board the Oceania Sirena, I think she would find the ship is not too big. It is not too small. It is just right. Even though our cruise is booked close to capacity, it does not feel crowded on the ship. Debuting in April 2016, Sirena […]

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Oceania Sirena Cruise: So glad to board the ship after very long flights

ABOARD THE OCEANIA SIRENA – “Sometimes you have to go through hell to get to heaven,” Giuseppe Bagnato said. He certainly had that right. General manager of the Oceania Sirena, Giuseppe was welcoming me aboard the beautiful cruise ship docked in the Tahitian capital city of Papeete. I must have looked very bedraggled because I […]

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Trading tedious cold winter for Tahiti cruise aboard Oceania Sirena

Ah, Tahiti… The name conjures images of balmy beaches, spectacular sunsets, friendly folks and long lazy days sweeping away cares of the world. With my Indiana home in the midst of yucky winter weather, the thought of visiting Tahiti is certainly a dream scenario. Never did think it would happen but here I am heading […]

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Following Santa’s sleigh around the Caribbean on Oceania Cruises Insignia

This year my husband Bill and I are breaking with our usual holiday tradition. Instead of gathering with family for Christmas and New Year’s, we are boarding a luxury ocean liner and heading south on a 12-day voyage through the West Indies, stopping off at seven islands along the way. When friends who are elbow […]

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