Sunday morning in Sens, France

It was a brisk but sunny morning when we woke up, and I went right up on deck to enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the town come alive. Breakfast was a generous affair, with fresh croissants that Marc had fetched on his bicycle from the nearby boulangerie. Jam, fresh butter, yogurt, strawberries, and muesli, as well as coffee, tea and orange juice was more than we would usually have for our breakfast.

Breakfast on the barge

We headed out through the main street of Sens to a little side street that had been closed to traffic, where a vide grenier, which translates as empty attic and is the equivalent to a mass garage sale, was being held. It was fascinating – with everything imaginable for sale, from antique linens and old paintings, to children’s clothes and old furniture. I didn’t buy anything, although I was tempted with a lovely old flat bed sheet with cream embroidery along the edge. I exercised restraint, but I had hoped to pick up one of the little paintings that we had passed at the start of our tour of the vendors. Unfortunately, it was gone when I returned, so I left empty handed, but I will remember the vide grenier in Sens fondly.

Objects for sale in the vide grenier

Back at the barge, we enjoyed a lovely lunch and then cast off from our moorings and headed along the Yonne .

The barge is amazingly smooth and quiet as it travels, and the river was still. It was very relaxing to float along with nice views of the countryside and little villages.

We passed through a few locks and then docked in Pont sur Yonne, another small and venerable little French village.

Fresh bread for sale

We had a walk through the town – as expected there was a spectacular church in the main square – and then came back to our barge for a casual meal on board.

Through the course of our conversation, we discovered that Marc had connections to us we had never expected. He attended the same university as we did, and dated a good friend of ours. There was a lot to talk about and many memories to share, over the second bottle of wine.

Everyone slept well that night.


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