Star Clippers continues its half-off sale

Set sail this winter for Star Clippers’ Caribbean and save up to 50 percent off brochure rates on seven-night sailings. You will sail on its flagship, the Royal Clipper, and enjoy all the amenities and activities that you would expect on a private sailing yacht. And with only 227 guests, you won’t be part of the crowd.Star Clippers

I was so impressed with this deal when it was first announced that we signed up immediately for the Jan. 16 sailing and now we have three more couples sailing with us: Our daughter and her husband, my sister and her husband, and my brother-in-law and his wife.

For Chet and I, this will be our fourth trip on Star Clippers. We sailed with them during their very first season and loved the experience. I sold that story to quite a few newspapers. We talked it up with our friends so much that a year later we took ten couples from our boat club on a group trip back to the Caribbean. Then a few years later,  he and I did two weeks back to back in the Greek Islands. Each and every trip was memorable.

SC_SF_home_01Also memorable was meeting the owner of Star Clippers, Mikael Krafft, not once but twice…in fact, the last cruise we had an informal dinner with he and his wife Anne.

Note this: During the 2010 sailing season, Star Clippers will make an astounding 40 maiden calls throughout the world on its three tall sailing ships. Repositioning Star Flyer back to the Mediterranean for the summer months and then to Costa Rica for its inaugural sailing season will introduce 33 maiden calls alone.

The deals they are offering this season are exceptional. The sailings on Royal Clipper all depart from Barbados, so our group all decided to fly in a few days early so as to see a bit of that lovely British island. We are staying at a brand new condo complex, White Sands Beach Villas, which I urge you to consider as well. Check them out at Hotel rates on Barbados are pretty steep so it is smart to consider other options.

Also, if you want to take advantage of the half-off deal you need to be flexible with dates. As different sailings fill up, the amount of discount decreases. So while some sailings are still half off, others are now offered at much less of a discount. So choose your sailing carefully. For more information, contact a travel agent (particularly wise in this case, as air to Barbados is tricky, too).

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Cynthia Boal Janssens is the editor and chief blogger for She is a former national president of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW). She has sailed on over 40 cruises all over the world.


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