Spray me with a little cruise ship sunscreen, and hurry

Sunscreen machine on Norwegian Dawn (Photo by David G. Molyneaux, TheTravelMavens.com)
Sunscreen machine on Norwegian Dawn

One item from the Norwegian Dawn renovation of 2011 caught me by surprise. It’s a machine on the pool deck that dispenses suntan lotion from a spray nozzle. You get a minute’s worth of sunscreen for $1.

The best part of this new cruise toy, called the Sunscreen Spray Station, is that you won’t have to worry if you forget to pack the suntan lotion at home.

I asked Ivan, the man handing out towels on the Dawn, whether one minute of spray would be enough to protect me from the sun.

How many minutes does a passenger need to buy?

“Depends on how fast you do it,” said Ivan. He said two guys managed to spray each other in a minute, but one woman barely finished her arms in the same period of time.

I’d say that a safe covering of your skin is worth more than saving a dollar. If it takes you two minutes, go for it. As the machine on the deck of Norwegian Dawn says: Apply Early! Apply Enough! Apply Often!


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