Silversea: Tips on the Dress Code

All of us at AllThingsCruise love Silversea.  We receive quite a few questions about the cabins, the destinations and of course the food…but the one question that we are asked over and over is about the dress code.

Even many of my close friends have the impression that Silversea is more on the formal side; this really is a misperception.  I thought this information regarding the dress code for one of our favorite lines could be helpful to you.

Cruise Days                        Formal                Informal                Casual

1-7 days                                  1                             3                           3

8-10 days                                2                             4                          2-4

11-14 days                              3                             5                          3-6

14 plus days                           4                             6                          4 plus

On the Silver Spirit, they offer casual dining every night at the Pool Grille called Hot Rocks.  This concept has been so successful that Silversea plans to roll out this dining choice across the classic fleet.

La Terrazza has always been offered as a dining choice for those who prefer informal dress.

Of course, many guests enjoy the exclusivity of dining in the privacy of their own suite. My husband and I never went to the dining room for dinner on one of our cruises; we had cabin service every evening as we had an unbelievable balcony with the most gorgeous of sunsets. It was like our own private yacht.

The Prince Albert II expedition ship does not have any formal evenings at all.

2 Responses to Silversea: Tips on the Dress Code

  1. Joel nicola June 20, 2010 at 9:50 am #

    What is the difference between informal and casual?

    • Cynthia June 21, 2010 at 8:52 am #

      In the past, informal meant dress slacks and a sport coat for men..often with a tie. While casual meant slacks and a sport/golf shirt.

      You will have to ask the line specifically. The codes used to be Formal, Informal and Casual…meaning most nights you wore a jacket to dinner.

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