Princess Cruises Sea Princess World Cruise

World Cruise roundtrip from Fremantle, Australia departing May 29, 2015 aboard the Sea Princess for 114 days. Fares from $26,318 per person for an oceanview stateroom to $33,045 for a balcony stateroom.

Friday, May 29 Fremantle, Australia
Saturday, May 30 HMAS Sydney, Australia
Sunday, May 31 At Sea
Monday, June 1 At Sea
Tuesday, June 2 At Sea
Wednesday, June 3 At Sea
Thursday, June 4 At Sea
Friday, June 5 At Sea
Saturday, June 6 Colombo, Sri Lanka
Sunday, June 7 At Sea
Monday, June 8 At Sea
Tuesday, June 9 At Sea
Wednesday, June 10 At Sea
Thursday, June 11 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Friday, June 12 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Saturday, June 13 Muscat (Mina Qaboos), Oman
Sunday, June 14 At Sea
Monday, June 15 At Sea
Tuesday, June 16 At Sea
Wednesday, June 17 At Sea
Thursday, June 18 At Sea
Friday, June 19 Aqaba (for Petra), Jordan
Saturday, June 20 At Sea
Sunday, June 21 Suez Canal, Egypt (Scenic Cruising)
Monday, June 22 At Sea
Tuesday, June 23 Athens (Piraeus), Greece
Wednesday, June 24 Kusadasi, Turkey (for Ephesus)
Thursday, June 25 Istanbul, Turkey
Friday, June 26 Anzac Cove, Turkey (Scenic Cruising)
Saturday, June 27 Santorini, Greece
Sunday, June 28 At Sea
Monday, June 29 Venice, Italy
Tuesday, June 30 Venice, Italy
Wednesday, July 1 Dubrovnik, Croatia
Thursday, July 2 At Sea
Friday, July 3 Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy
Saturday, July 4 Florence/Pisa (Livorno), Italy
Sunday, July 5 Cannes, France
Monday, July 6 Barcelona, Spain
Tuesday, July 7 At Sea
Wednesday, July 8 Lisbon, Portugal
Thursday, July 9 At Sea
Friday, July 10 At Sea
Saturday, July 11 Paris/Normandy (Le Havre), France
Sunday, July 12 London (Southampton), England
Monday, July 13 At Sea
Tuesday, July 14 Cork, Ireland (Cobh – For Blarney Castle)
Wednesday, July 15 Dublin, Ireland
Thursday, July 16 Glasgow (Greenock), Scotland
Friday, July 17 At Sea
Saturday, July 18 Reykjavik, Iceland
Sunday, July 19 At Sea
Monday, July 20 At Sea
Tuesday, July 21 At Sea
Wednesday, July 22 At Sea
Thursday, July 23 Halifax, Nova Scotia
Friday, July 24 At Sea
Saturday, July 25 New York City (Manhattan or Brooklyn), New York
Sunday, July 26  New York City (Manhattan or Brooklyn), New York
Monday, July 27 At Sea
Tuesday, July 28 Charleston, South Carolina
Wednesday, July 29 At Sea
Thursday, July 30 At Sea
Friday, July 31 At Sea
Saturday, August 1 Curacao
Sunday, August 2 At Sea
Monday, August 3 Cartagena, Colombia
Tuesday, August 4 Panama Canal, Panama (Full Transit)
Wednesday, August 5 At Sea
Thursday, August 6 Quito (Manta), Ecuador
Friday, August 7 At Sea
Saturday, August 8 At Sea
Sunday, August 9 Lima (Callao), Peru
Monday, August 10 Lima (Callao), Peru
Tuesday, August 11 Pisco (San Martin), Peru
Wednesday, August 12 At Sea
Thursday, August 13 At Sea
Friday, August 14 At Sea
Saturday, August 15 At Sea
Sunday, August 16 Easter Island, Chile
Monday, August 17 At Sea
Tuesday, August 18 At Sea
Wednesday, August 19 Pitcairn Island (Scenic Cruising)
Thursday, August 20 At Sea
Friday, August 21 At Sea
Saturday, August 22 Tahiti (Papeete), French Polynesia
Sunday, August 23 Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Monday, August 24 At Sea
Tuesday, August 25 At Sea
Wednesday, August 26 Pago Pago, American Samoa
Thursday, August 27 At Sea
Friday, August 28 Cross International Date Line
Sunday, August 30 At Sea
Monday, August 31 Auckland, New Zealand
Tuesday, September 1 At Sea
Wednesday, September 2  At Sea
Thursday, September 3 At Sea
Friday, September 4 Sydney, Australia
Saturday, September 5 At Sea
Sunday, September 6 Brisbane, Australia
Monday, September 7 At Sea
Tuesday, September 8 At Sea
Wednesday, September 9  Port Douglas, Australia
Thursday, September 10  At Sea
Friday, September 11 At Sea
Saturday, September 12 Darwin, Australia
Sunday, September 13 Kimberley Coast, Australia (Scenic Cruising)
Monday, September 14 Broome, Australia
Tuesday, September 15 At Sea
Wednesday, September 16  At Sea
Thursday, September 17 Lombok, Indonesia
Friday, September 18 At Sea
Saturday, September 19  At Sea
Sunday, September 20  Geraldton, Australia
Monday, September 21  Fremantle, Australia


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