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He is a devout cruiser, however, his devotion lies solely with Oceania…and he is just one of many I’ve spoken with who sings their praises.  It seems that many cruisers are instant converts; once they cruise on Oceania, they never want to cruise on another line.

So why the unwavering loyalty to this particular cruise line?  The staff and the warm hospitality cruisers receive is absolutely outstanding on each and every cruise.

Oceania’s lovely staterooms and suites may be another reason.  They have some of the nicest linens Butler service, private verandas some cabins are 2,500 + square feet.

Another well-loved aspect of the Oceania cruises is the dining.  Oceania reputation for fine cuisine is oft-repeated among its dedicated cruisers; the legendary Jacques Pepin serves as Ocean’s Executive Culinary Director.  A wide variety of offerings is available aboard each ship, and the venues, ranging from casual to “5-star restaurant”

Lastly, the passenger’s services and activities on Oceania’s ships, offerings include fine salon and spa services, along gym facilities, Aromatic Steam Room, a Thalassotherapy Pool, and Asian therapy treatments.

Overall it seems to be the county club atmosphere that keeps Oceania lovers coming back for more.

The recent launch announcement of Oceania’s new ship, Marina, in winter 2010, holds some additional clues.  (See the full announcement here.)

Marina, the newest member of the Oceania Cruises fleet, will be open for reservations in mid-January.

Oceania Club Members may make their reservations during an Exclusive Five Day Members-Only Reservation Period from January 13th through the 18th by calling 800-531-5658.

Itineraries and Fares will be available on OceaniaCruises.com beginning January 18th when Marina opens for reservations to the general public.

If you are interested in the Marina, please send an email to hshane@CruiseCompete.com put Oceania Marina in the subject and include your name, Past Passenger number is imperative, email address and phone number.  We will put you on the list to be contacted when we have more information.

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