On the Queen Mary 2, it is easy to enjoy a day of inclement weather

Do you think there is something odd about loving gloomy days at with white caps on the water, steady rain and an almost imperceptible roll of the ship.

I probably should feel embarrassed, but I truly enjoy crossing the Atlantic in nasty weather. I don’t expect outdoor pool time, I live in Florida and can enjoy an outdoor pool, sun and heat whenever I want to.

There is something about bad weather at sea that makes me smile. The cocoon-like, well taken-care-of feeling Cunard provides its guests makes even an ugly day pleasant.

And on Queen Mary 2, which offers as smooth a sailing a possible, one can take part in as many activities as you like if walking a rain-swept deck in cold blowing winds isn’t your thing.

Entertainment Director Paul O’Loughlin programs day-long activities for the 37 nationalities — guests total just under 2,600 people — in an attempt to provide that proverbial “something for everyone” on this crossing.

Let’s take a look at what Thursday, an inclement weathr day, offered:

* Several iStudy Seminars, including movie editing and basic use of an iPad. A fee of $15 per class is charged.

* Bridge, watercolor and dance classes.

* Canyon Ranch health and fitness lectures.

* H. Stern jewelry fashion show and seminar.

* Art talks.

* Cunard Insights Lectures alternating destination talks on New York and Britain.

* Trivia, bridge, and ping pong games.

* Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) performances.

* Musical performances from jazz to classical.

* A movie.

Except for the iStudy courses all else are complimentary. And, of course, shipwide coverage of Wimbledon.

O’Loughlin, who has worked on cruise ships for 33 years, says “we have an international clientele who are here for the journey or they are here for this unique ship.” While O’Loughlin and his staff want those passengers to have a good time on QM2, he adds the ship offers a safe environment and a long tradition of of an honorable brand with the White Star concept of service a major part of a Cunard experience.

Have to head out to a class, but I wouldn’t mind sitting for a while and looking out at the gray skies, white caps and a moderately angry sea.



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