Nine Reasons to Take a River Cruise

My friend Rick Hazan is offering some wonderful deals on river cruises right now (see the related post here) and has also come up with a list of great reasons to take a river cruise- Please read on to find out why these cruises are an outstanding option for your next voyage- Kind Regards, Heidi

9 Reasons to Take a River Cruise:

  1. Fewer people: Your river cruise will have only 150 passengers. Your experience will be intimate and you should make at least 1 new lifelong friend.
  2. No sea sickness: You’ll never experience rough water – only smooth and peaceful river sailing throughout your cruise.
  3. Local destinations: Ocean cruises are restricted to cities near major bodies of water, while river cruise allow you to explore Europe’s history rich cities and villages that are inaccessible except by river.  Until just over 100 years ago the rivers were the highways of Europe. That is why so many medieval cities are along the river.
  4. Dock right in town: River cruises allow docking right in the heart of a port town.  Ocean cruise lines often stop way outside of the town you are visiting – as far as 70 miles away. The river cruise not only saves you time, it allows you to easily maximize your time when in port without the expense and hassle of a taxi.
  5. Convenience & scenic:  You will spend your time cruising by ancient villages, castles and other historical and scenic sites.  
  6.  Overnight in port: You overnight both in Budapest and Vienna, plus late night departures from other cities allowing you to explore the port town in the evening.
  7.  Inclusive pricing: On this river cruise you have seven included shore excursions, outside cabins and wine included with dinner each evening. While a river cruise might cost you more upfront, by the time you add all the extras on ocean cruises (like shore excursions and outside cabins) the price is surprisingly close.
  8.  Educational & Local: River cruises are more elegant and educational. The cuisine is local and is brought in from the local area (not shipped in from far away places with the lowest price). The quality wines (included at dinner) are from Europe’s great wine regions.
  9.  Exceptional service: Fewer people mean more attentive service and a more personal relationship with the staff.


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