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ROCHESTER, Mich., Oct. 12, 2009 –, a new travel-enthusiast website, has introduced a complimentary service for travelers to e-mail vital cruise ship contact information to family members and others prior to departure.

Contacting family, friends and colleagues from a cruise ship has become much easier thanks to modern cellular phone and satellite technology. If someone on land needs to reach a guest on a cruise ship far out at sea, however, the most reliable and often quickest means to do so is still through the cruise line’s land-based communications center.

When it comes to staying connected on a cruise, one of the biggest concerns cruise travelers have is how they can be reached when out at sea where cell phones may not work,” explains Heidi Allison-Shane, Editor-At-Large for

“Our new E-card service lets travelers quickly and conveniently send telephone numbers and vital ship information to family and friends in case they need to be reached while at sea. The goal is to provide cruisers with additional peace-of-mind when traveling and enjoying an unforgettable cruise vacation.”

In addition to the communications service, offers travelers the opportunity to send special invitations to others to join them on a cruise. Also, family and friends can send complimentary “Bon Voyage” greetings from the website to travelers preparing to leave for a cruise. is an independent travel website dedicated to the planning of the best cruise vacations ever.


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AllThingsCruise is a website for cruise enthusiasts, dedicated to the joy of cruise travel and planning the best cruise vacations ever. Its wealth of information includes valuable cruise travel tools – from cruise reviews and feedback, to helpful videos and information for choosing the right ship, to preparing for and enjoying a memorable cruise vacation. A valuable unique feature of AllThingsCruise is a complimentary e-card with vital cruise line and cruise ship contact information travelers can send to family members and others prior to departure. For more information, please visit

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