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Sophisticated Travelers are Looking to All-Inclusive Luxury Cruises

Emerging trend in cruising points to high end all-inclusive cruises to magnificent destinations. Smaller all-suite ships with gourmet dining and five-star service are dominating the luxury vacation industry.

DETROIT (April 22, 2014) – The term “All-inclusive” used to apply only to hotel resorts in tropical destinations. But savvy vacationers the world over are taking to the seas to find the pinnacle of luxury and service aboard some of the finest ships traversing the oceans today.

The appeal of cruising is common ground for most vacationers – you pay in advance, have your meals taken care of, and sleep in the same bed every night; all with the perk of travelling to a variety of countries and cities along the way without ever having to re-pack your suitcase throughout the trip. But the unavoidable bill for “extras” that must be settled before disembarkation can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Seeing a void that needed to be filled, luxury cruise lines have been stepping in to offer the only true all-inclusive cruising experience. But it doesn’t stop there.

Silversea Cruises has eight ships, all of which carry less than 600 passengers.  All of their rooms are suites, affording beautiful views of each fascinating destination.  They are one of the only cruise lines to travel to all seven Continents, and offers a jaw-dropping itinerary for a cruise around the world – 30 countries in 115 days full of luxury, service, and culture.

Smaller ships allow passengers to revel in an ambiance not found in larger commercial cruise lines.  Personal service, gourmet food, and exotic ports of call unreachable by large ships make for an opportunity to truly reach every corner of the globe – and to do so in style.

Silversea’s luxury all-inclusive cruises allow you to enjoy full service from your own professional butler, with a personalized bar in your suite stocked with a selection of your favorites.  Nightly entertainment ranges from cabaret shows to casino games, and gives you the chance to socialize with like-minded and well-traveled individuals.

With the trend moving quickly toward luxury all-inclusive cruises, there are now a variety of cruise lines that cater to this specific clientele, and the offerings are as varied as the destinations.  All Things Cruise, an independent travel enthusiast website dedicated to the joy of cruise travel, provides information and reviews of the most luxurious cruise lines and their sailings. There is an easy-to-read list of what each cruise line includes in the price of their journey and lists items of note, such as 24-hour cabin service and included shore excursions. You can find the list at

You can also find information on 80 different cruise lines, their ships, and their excursions. There is an in-depth informational section full of tips and hints for your preparation for the getaway, and a link to where you can get a variety of quotes from different travel agents for an all-inclusive luxury cruise that suits your needs.

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