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Anna Werner is cruise director of MSC Poesia. She has been with MSC for 11 years and has her work cut out for her on a ship with more than 400 Germans, 400 Australians, more than 200 Italians, several hundred Americans, and a mixed bag of passengers from other countries, including Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Russian Federation and Slovakia.

Yep, entertaining everybody is challenging, and Anna says “music is a good thing, it connects with many people.” It is a leveler and appeals to people from all over the world.

Anna has an international staff of 79 – including people who staff the ship’s children’s programs – and help her keep people entertained.

She is a native of Bremen, Germany, and has worked in the cruise industry for years. She says audiences skew a bit older out of Port Everglades than when the ship sails a Mediterranean itinerary.

Her job description includes many scheduling and administrative details. She adds “to have the opportunity to entertain large groups of people is wonderful.”

But music – despite the ports of call, nationality or age of passengers – is on tap all day long on MSC Poesia.

Consider the daily program today in Cozumel: From 5 PM until late classics are offered in lounges on Decks Five and Six; another bar on Deck Six features different music;  at 6PM international dance music is offered in the sprawling Zebra Bar on Deck Six, while 15 minutes later on Deck Seven a music and wine program is scheduled.

The show tonight is “Musica del Cuore”, (music of the heart) with an instrumental trio, a soprano and tenor.

A tropical party with a Latin beat is scheduled under the stars for after dinner on the Lido Deck.

But as they quite often say in cruising, “weather permitting.”

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