Lindblad Expeditions’ Outstanding Eco-Cruises

Lindblad Expeditions

Many families are looking for a cruise that offers more than just fun and sun (not that those are bad things); one that can leave a lasting impression of the beauty and fragility of our worldwide marine environments.

Parents who want to teach their children more about the conservation of the environment can look to cruise line Lindblad Expeditions… they are partnered with National Geographic for a series of cruises taken aboard small expedition ships that feature Zodiacs, sea kayaks, onboard Naturalists and underwater cameras.  The line has added these extra amenities because they believe the more their guests connect with their extraordinary cruise destinations, the more current and future generations will become a force for preserving and protecting them.

Lindlbad has information on what to expect from their new voyages for 2012:

West Africa Odyssey: Explore the entire west coast of Africa from Cape Town, South Africa to Morocco. Spanning 16 distinctive countries, it offers a dazzling array of cultures, scenery and wildlife. Experience daily life in Africa through its lively markets and music. Encounter a great sweep of geography from the maritime climate of South Africa, to the deserts of Namibia, the tropics and savannas of the coast, the desert of the Western Sahara and the vibrant city of Marrakech.

Vietnam and Cambodia – Sailing the Mekong River: Exploring Cambodia and Vietnam, including Angkor and Saigon you begin at Siem Reap, explore the exquisite temple complex of Angkor, and cruise along vitally important rivers, visiting small communities and vibrant cities, finishing at Saigon.

Exploring Turkey & Greece: This is a journey to the home of Western civilization, a chance to enjoy the beauty and richness of the Turkish coast and the Greek isles, to explore Greek and Turkish cultures and to sail aboard Sea Cloud, the square rigger that is, arguably, one of the most remarkable clipper ships anywhere in the world.

Exploring the Cultures and Wildlife of Papua New Guinea: Exploring the Cultures and Wildlife of Papua New Guinea reveals this extraordinary country in the South Pacific. It is a patchwork of rain forest, great rivers and coral reefs. There are vivid cultures here, where people have managed to preserve many of their traditional ways.

Find out more about Lindblad Expeditions, and see what others have to say about this line.

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