Key-card-activated electricity system is a useful touch

CCV KeysIt’s just a small thing but it shows Carnival Cruise Lines’ commitment to conserving energy and helping passengers have a more enjoyable cruise.

When my daughter Kelly and I first checked into our cabin on the Carnival Breeze, we saw attendants in the hallway helping cruisers figure out how to turn on the electricity in their rooms.

Have to admit, the first time I went to Europe many years ago and discovered the practical key card-activated electricity system, I was a bit puzzled, too. But I soon learned how useful it is and how it can save on electricity.

A new touch on the Breeze is a slot inside the cabin door is where you put your key card to turn on the electricity. 

“It’s to save on electricity,” explains crewmember Zsolt in the guest services office. “The lights and TV aren’t on if you aren’t in the cabin and don’t have your key in that slot.”

Air conditioning continues to work so that the cabin is always comfy when passengers return. But I’m sure many passengers have probably left their cabins without turning off the lights or electricity – an unnecessary expenditure if out of the cabin for any length of time.

The key-card system is also on the Carnival Magic and the new Carnival Sunshine. Another benefit, Kelly and I discovered, is that it’s a handy way to know where your key card is when you get ready to leave the cabin.

By Jackie Sheckler Finch

About Jackie

Jackie Sheckler Finch fell in love with cruising 35 years ago when she rode the magnificent Mississippi Queen riverboat in its inaugural 1976 voyage. A newspaper reporter, photographer and travel writer, Jackie has cruised on large and small vessels on numerous rivers and oceans. Read more...


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