Interested in Salvador Dali? Barcelona is a great area for exploring his full body of work

Art lovers will enjoy the Barcelona region.

The Torre Galatea

The Torre Galatea

Okay, so you don’t find Dali delightful or Picasso peachy, Miro might be your mission. Not to worry, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful city. (And even if these three world-renowned Spanish artists aren’t on your top 10 list, you might want to visit these museums as each is an artistic experience.)

Once you’ve explored Gaudi’s great Sagrada Familia church, it may be time to head for other artistic venues, but not before seeing the other outstanding Gaudi buildings: Casa Mila and Casa Batllo.

A two-and-a-half hour bus ride to the Dali collections in Figueres is worth the trip. Tourist buses make the drive and it is easily done in a day. Dali devotees will particularly enjoy the visit to the town where the artist was born in 1904. The Dali Theater-Museum was inaugurated 70 years later. One of the buildings is covered by a geodesic dome while another houses the famed Dali jewel collection.

The third building, the Torre Galatea, is named for his wife. It is painted dark sienna, is topped by eggs and features loaves of bread and gold mannequins resembling the “Oscars” of the Academy Awards.

Loaves of bread adorn tower

Nothing in film comes close to the drama of the Dali collections. “An audience, without the presence of spectators, these jewels would not fulfill the function for which they came into being. The viewer, then, is the ultimate artist, Salvador Dali said in 1959. His jewelry collection on exhibit at the Dali-Jois area contains 39 original jewels, and the drawings and paintings made by the artist of each piece are on display.

And then there are his paintings.

Oh my! Many of his works, he claimed, resulted from his dreams. I’d hate to think about his nightmares. Many are bizarre, many are beautiful, all are worth seeing.

In Barcelona itself, visitors can tour the Picasso Museum, where the wonderfully diverse artists’ works – including ceramics from 1947 to 1965 – are displayed. Located in the Gothic Quarter, the Museum includes his earliest works – at age13 or 14 his meticulous attention to detail in the classic work is awesome. Many paintings are on cardboard, one on the top of his father’s old cigar box. Room after room in the museum displays his large body of work, including work from the famed Blue Period of 1901-1904.

Picasso’s close personal friend Jaume Sabartes donated his own Picasso paintings to the city of Barcelona. Sabartes and Picasso grew up together and Sabartes served as the artist’s personal secretary until he passed away. The Museum officially open as the Sabartes Collection in 1963.

And don’t miss the Miro Foundation on Montjuic for a closer look at the Barcelona-born surrealist’s work.

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