Impressions of Norwegian Cruise Line’s Epic

I have not yet been onboard the Epic, but my friend Donna, whom I have known for many years, and is a most discerning cruiser, just returned from a cruise and sent me her notes on her impressions of the ship.  Below are the highlights (Thanks, Donna!):

  • Ships Appearance: The Norwegian Epic is by far the prettiest ship I have ever seen. The decor is subtle and well done.
  • Cabins/Suites:…I thought they were beautiful.  
    • I have never seen as much storage space ever. ..under the couch, behind the couch, two closets, cabinets and drawers. Very comfortable.
    • The bathrooms are not your basic tiny box bathroom where you cannot get dressed… the toilet has its own room and the shower is separate… I felt the showers were the largest I have seen in a basic balcony room.   
    • Studios….the single staterooms I thought were amazing. I love the idea of the shared living room where singles can meet other singles. There is a bar in there, large screen TVs, snacks. Just perfect. 
    • The Villas complex…just stunning. The suites and villas are beautiful. They have a private restaurant, private bar and private sun deck with Posh a private nightclub. There is also a small gym overlooking the pool.
  • Dining:  The food was fabulous. I ate in almost every restaurant.   I love the buffet for breakfast and lunch.  
    • Moderno , the Brazilian Steak House … everyone I ate with raved about the meat. I personally loved the chicken (it was) probably the best I have ever had.
    • O’Sheehan’s, our Irish pub seemed to be a meeting spot since it is central on the ship. Excellent Chicken Pot Pie. (There are also two bowling alleys here)
  • Clubs/Entertainment:   The main restaurant, the Manhattan Room, has a show at 9:45…go to dinner wherever and then stop by and see the show…or go to dinner in the Manhattan Room a little later and catch the show.
    • Fat Cats, the jazz club, is always crowded. There is a jazz musician named Slam who has his band in there. First, Slam is a sweetie but he is also puts on a great show. Definitely a crowd favorite.
    • Headliners has a show with dueling piano players who also are comedians. That also was entertaining.
    • Bliss, the nightclub was a hot spot… There are 4 bowling alleys in Bliss.
    • Club H2O…is a south beach sort of atmosphere with a large movie screen and dance floor (which goes over the pool). This is adults only.
    •  The Ice Bar was fun! The bar is made of ice and they have great drinks.
  • Sports: The Sports Deck (has) basketball, volleyball, tennis, ice skating, rock climbing, rappelling and bungee jumping on a trampoline. The gym was a hot spot (and) the equipment is the best I have ever seen at sea. The gym is huge and offers spinning, TRX, Kettle Bell and yoga and Pilates classes (and much more)
  • Kids: The kid’s areas are top of the line. Smaller kids have a fun area with toys and little area on deck for to play. The teens have their lounge with video games and flat screen TVs.  The top deck is a water park…So much fun! I was right there in line…using the slides. The Epic plunge…made     me feel like a kid again.  

Sounds like a great trip!  Donna also said she felt the most notable thing about this ship was that many multi-generational families were sailing together and the ship seemed to offer something for everyone.  Well done, Epic!

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  1. Irwin Behren July 21, 2010 at 7:09 pm #

    There seems to be conflicting viewpoints of the bathrooms. The only private dressing area that the bathroom has is the vestibule entering the room. You come out of the shower and dry yourself in the vestibule. If you want privacy, there is a plastis curtain to draw across the room. The sink is in the main room and very shallow. Wear boots.
    NCL had the right idea with the Jewel, Gem, et al when the divided the bathroom area into 3 components with slider doors. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
    We were scheduled for the Epic and once we read the reviews, we cancelled and booked the Allure of the seas which will also give us a new cruise experience. NCL was able to make the cabins narrower and squeeze more cabins into the configuration. Seems like the airlines.

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