Follow along as Marcia shares details of Costa’s newest ship, the Fascinosa

I’ve spent approximately 35 years watching the cruise industry grow. I live minutes from Port Everglades and maybe a half hour or so from Port of Miami. I have been privileged to have been a part of the mega-boat parade that the cruise industry has produced on a regular basis for many years.

I have my sea legs and have spent a lot of time on cruise ships and never tire of the experience. I like big ships and small. I enjoy European and Alaskan itineraries and of course, my own backyard, the Caribbean. I have sailed to Asian ports and on barges. Last year I fell in love with river cruising on my first river cruise up the Danube.

Three months ago I broke three bones in my left foot. I was put into an immobilization boot and yep, I was immobilized! And I was grounded, unable to put weight on my foot.

I used, in turn, a wheel chair, a knee walker and finally a cane. The boot, which I slept in for two-and-a-half months, was finally replaced with a soft, shoe-like contraption. I am now wearing real shoes – on both feet – and it feels wonderful.

During those months I had to avoid crowds and had to miss, among other things, the debut of Disney’s newest ship out of Port Canaveral and a repositioning sailing on Azamara Club Cruises to Rouen, France. (I did, though, discover wonderful friends who dragged me – along with my equipment – to doctor’s appointments and out to lunch or dinner.)

A week ago I traded in the wheel chair, etc. for a Lufthansa Airbus 340-300 to Dusseldorf and then on to Venice for the launch of Costa’s new Fascinosa. The new ship was sailing from Venice.

I am going back to work and delighted to be doing so. I can’t guarantee I’ll be dancing a tarantella, but I’ll be back in harness.

During the next few days I will share details of the new ship and how Costa execs plan to market Fascinosa.

It should be fascinating.


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One Response to Follow along as Marcia shares details of Costa’s newest ship, the Fascinosa

  1. Dr. Mildred A. Cohn May 20, 2012 at 10:29 am #

    Your blogs are terrific — very personal but on target about the new Costa Fascinosa and the kind of cruise experience it offers.

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