European Waterways- Glide Down Historic French River and Canals

Some of my favorite hotel barges are those that travel the beautiful and historic rivers of Europe.   If this is something you’d like to try (or return to!), European Waterways is currently offering some very tempting packages on their vessels, like companion pricing and complimentary nights at 5-star hotels.

Is a trip through France high on your to-do list?  The Burgundy region offers some of the most scenic canals in Europe… it is an area rich in history, culture and geography, and can be explored through one of three current specials:

European Waterways is offering 50% off the companion price aboard the charming 8-passenger Hirondelle for all cabin bookings in 2011 (book by March 31, 2011). This vessel cruises along two very pretty canals in Burgundy and there are visits to historic chateaus, and a wine tasting in Sancerre.

A second barge, the Fleur de Lys, cruises the Burgundy Canal to and from Dijon, and currently offers two specials:  (1) 50% off the companion price for all cabin bookings in April and May 2011, and (2) A complimentary night in a 5 star Paris hotel for passengers on all other 2011 departures (For charter parties only- book by March 31, 2011)  

The third option, the 8-passenger Amaryllis, has excursions to Beaune and Dijon and offers a complimentary night in a 5 star Paris hotel. (For charter party passengers on all 2011 departures- book by March 31, 2011.)

Perhaps you’re thinking more about the south of France? The charming 4-passenger Alouette, which cruises the Canal du Midi, is ideal for a small charter party, and visits ancient Carcassonne and Minerve. European Waterways’ offer here, again, is for a complimentary night in a 5 star Paris hotel.  (On all 2011 departures- book by March 31, 2011.)

So explore the rich culture and history of France the way it was meant to be seen- through the heart of the country, aboard the delightful vessels of European Waterways!

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