Emerald Princess experiences some turbulent weather between Norway and Scotland

September 13, 2011

AT SEA on the Emerald Princess — Last night we were given word that the Emerald Princess was changing its itinerary so as to avoid as much of tropical storm Katia as possible.

Well, we may have missed most of it but not all of it. Everyone on board had a heck of a night. I didn’t know that a ship this large could pitch and roll so much…but the wind and waves were so high that the captain reported that he had to slow the ship to five knots for most of the night and much of today. I didn’t hear of too many reports of seasickness…although I am sure there were many…but everyone reported a fairly sleepless night due to the creaking and collateral noise created by the ship crashing through waves. (50 MPH winds, 20-24-foot waves)

Most of today has been the same. The outside decks and pools were all closed but people managed to keep busy during this unplanned day at sea. Chet and I attended two lectures this morning…one on ports and another on Viking lore and this afternoon enjoyed another on “Bad Science in Movies” … a rather funny look at disaster movies.

We ate lunch in the DaVinci Dining Room, not wanting to cope with the hustle and bustle (and unsettled footing) in the buffets on Deck 15.

People seemed to be busy reading, playing cards, shopping, playing bingo and chatting with others. Others no doubt indulged in the spa and maybe some hearty souls went to the fitness center. It is already 5 p.m. and I’m not sure where the day went. Well, I did just spend most of two hours doing a load of laundry, then editing photos and coping with bad internet connections trying to get these blogs posted. This is why there are no photos yet; the connection is just so slow that it eats up all of my online time just checking email and trying to get the blog up. I haven’t even posted on Facebook yet!)

Tonight we are had dinner at the specialty Italian restaurant, Sabatini’s ($20 pp. surcharge). We always enjoy the cuisine and good service here but were surprised there were so few other people in that dining room. Chet and I ordered the Branzino in Crosta di Sale (striped sea bass in an herb salt crust) for two. The presentation was lovely and the fish served tableside by the waiter. Others nearby ordered the lobster entrée: Tris d’Aragosta (lobster three ways) – a lobster tail, with lobster risotto and a lobster bisque sauce, and they reported it excellent as well.

After dinner, we stopped in at the Crooners Lounge where pianist Tom Franek put on a rousing show of Broadway hits. He packed the room and we will return again to see his show.

As we retire, the waves have lessened a bit and the captain reports that we are now up to 17 knots. But it still looks pretty fearsome out there…







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