Disney refillable beer stein an economical way to have beer and souvenir

Logan hefts the heavy refillable glass beer stein on a Disney cruise.

Logan hefts the heavy refillable glass beer stein on a Disney cruise.

When I took my grandson Logan on a Disney cruise, he knew exactly what he wanted for a ship souvenir. And, as a 22-year-old college student, Logan was old enough to buy it.

“The Disney refillable beer mug is a great idea,” he says. “It’s much cheaper to have a beer every evening if you buy the mug. And you get to take the mug home so it’s a nice souvenir.

The drinking age on all Disney Cruise Line ships is 21 and a valid photo I.D. is required.

The 20-ounce glass beer stein with the Disney Cruise Line logo on it costs $14.95 with refills thereafter at $5.69. Beers on tap on most Disney ships include Bud Light, Amberbock, Kirin Itchiban, Guinness, Yeungling, Sam Adams and Michelob Ultra. On a Disney cruise out of Galveston, I also saw Shiner Bock on tap – a salute to the great Texas state.

I thought the beer stein was a great idea. But who in the world would want to carry that heavy glass around all the time, I wondered?

Disney thought of a solution for that, too. When the glass is empty, you can turn it into a beverage server and get a small cardboard token. Then, when you want another beer, all you have to do is pull out the token and exchange it for a clean beer mug.

Be sure to redeem the token at the end of the cruise for a clean stein to take home. Or, if you have another Disney cruise coming up and don’t want to carry the glass mug home, you can keep the token and use it for a stein on your next cruise.

Disney seems to think of almost everything!

By Jackie Sheckler Finch


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