Disembarkation and an excursion to the Acropolis

The Aegean Odyssey – we say goodbye

ABOARD THE MV AEGEAN ODYSSEY-One of the best advantages to sailing on a small ship is that disembarkation is so much less hassle.  We enjoyed our last breakfast on the back deck, picked up our small bags and walked off the ship and into the cruise terminal.  Our bags had been picked up the night before and were waiting for us.

Heading up to the Acropolis

I have sat in lounges on big ships for ages, waiting to disembark.  This was quick and easy.

Soon after we had identified our luggage, it was taken to our hotel, and we boarded a bus for a tour of Athens, a guided visit to the new Acropolis Museum and then a visit to the Acropolis itself.

By one o’clock we were checking in to our hotel, the wonderful Hotel Grande Bretagne, where there was coffee, tea and cold drinks for us in a room off the lobby, and all of our bags were waiting in our rooms.

Posing in front of the Parthenon

There is another included excursion running this afternoon, to the Cycladic Museum, and tomorrow there is a full day of optional tours to the Archeological Museum, to Cape Sounion and to Delphi.

We elect to be on our own for the rest of today and tomorrow, and after a short rest, head out into the Plaka’s narrow streets for lunch and some shopping time.

We have eased seamlessly from ship to land, though I miss the Odyssey already. We have sailed 1066 nautical miles, with a group of 258 people, from 11 different nationalities.

This is the nationality breakdown of the passengers:

GBR – 118

USA- 78

CAN- 41

Aus.- 9

Fra- 2

GRC- 2





Photos by Barbara Ramsay Orr

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