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Get airfare pricing from Kayak

Kayak is a meta-search web site that allows you to search a variety of airline web sites and other air ticket seller web sites at the same time. As the best deals on domestic economy flights are usually found directly from the airlines, this is the best place to start looking for the cheapest airfare for flights inside the U.S. and to the Caribbean.


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Flights to Europe and UK
Flights to Asia
Flights to Australia
First class and business class flights

Get airfare pricing from FareBuzz

FareBuzz is an airfare consolidator that purchases blocks of seats on longer, usually international, flights. By buying airline seats in bulk, they are able to offer discount airfare to international travelers. Business and first class seats are heavily discounted-the site promotes: “business class seats at economy prices.”

Buying Airfare via the Cruise Line

Most cruise lines do offer air travel bundled with cruise purchases. Buying your plane tickets through the cruise line has one key advantage: if your flight is delayed or canceled the cruise line will work to help you get to the port before your cruise departs.

You will have fewer choices of flights, so the flight itineraries presented may be less convenient, meaning possible connections and more hours in airports. Also, cruise line airfares are usually more expensive than what you can find on your own. By purchasing your plane tickets from discount suppliers, you may save enough to cover the cost of a spending the night before your cruise in the departure city-extending your vacation by a day and making sure your flight gets you into town well before your ship sails.

If you’re interested in booking your flights through the cruise line, ask your cruise agent for help.

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