Day 7: Our final day brings a few new sightings, we even see albatross

This past week I cruised the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador on the M/Y Eric, operated by Ecoventura. As I did not have access to internet, I am going to post my daily blogs this week.

Sept. 26: Espanola Island

A pair of Nazca boobies

A pair of Nazca boobies

We had another rocking and rolling boat ride overnight to reach this rather dry and barren island. Well, at least it seemed that way. We go ashore for our final hike and see many species that are endemic to this particular island…meaning the only place in the world that this particular species is found is here.

The marine iquanas here, for example, have a lot of red in their skin, instead of being black like all of the others we have seen. The mocking birds here have longer beaks. Here also we see the largest colony of Nazca boobies in the Galapagos.

And for our final farewell, we see lots of blue-footed boobies, many who were doing their famed mating dance. And finally, we see many wave albatross and their chicks. These are the largest birds in the islands and a great final sighting.

The famous blue-footed booby

The famous blue-footed booby

One more note about the blue-footed boobies: All three varieties of boobies found in the Galapagos are interesting. The red-footed boobies nest in trees. The Nazca boobies have the funniest faces with their black-and-white masks. But the blue footed boobies are famous because of their blue feet and because they dance. They also don’t move around much and so are always seen when visitors come.

This has been our final day of cruising with Ecoventura aboard the M/Y Eric. We traveled with a wonderful group of people and saw many great wonders of nature. To be sure, this trip is not for everyone. Cabins are fairly small, you have to be willing to climb in and out of small boats and hike for several miles a day. But if you love nature and wildlife this is a trip of a lifetime.

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