Day 3-Enjoying the hip Mira hotel in the center of Hong Kong

DAY 3–Some people choose hotels by the name; others by the location.

Mira Hotel Hong Kong

People are choosing the newly renovated Mira for its hip design. The 492-room hotel has been open just a year across the street from Kowloon Park. You walk out the door onto Nathan Road, one of Hong Kong’s busiest thoroughfares and inside to a super modern lobby. Rooms have famous Arne Jacobsen Egg Chars, huge DVDS, Bose I-Pod docks. I especially love the free mobile phone that you can not only use to make local calls but also call the concierge should you get lost. Nice!

Did I mention there is free Wi-Fi too? My 20-year-old daughter, just arrived from Thailand, especially loves that and the hipness of the design.

“We want edgy young guests looking for something different, “ Jakub Lewandowski, the young  edgy hotel spokesman tells me as we pass through the lobby where in one corner is a bar serving signature sake cocktails and another offering artisan chocolates. Book the chef’s table at the Michelin starred restaurant Whisk and you can watch the chef cook. Or head to the huge spa and pool.

What’s missing is a view of Hong Kong’s spectacular harbor. What you get is being right in the middle of the action, generous suites where a family can spread out and a helpful, friendly staff.

And that counts for a lot.

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