Cunard to mark “Aquitania’s” 100th anniversary

Aquitania in Liverpool (Credit: Cunard)

Aquitania in Liverpool (Credit: Cunard)

Among all cruise lines, Cunard has a rich, deep and proud tradition. Yet another example of that is Queen Victoria’s upcoming visit to Liverpool, England, in May, 2014 – “the first two-day call in Cunard’s spiritual home made by a Cunard ship in almost 50 years.” It takes place during the 13-day Around the British Isles cruise, departing round-trip from Southampton May 23, 2014, arriving in Liverpool on May 30, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the maiden voyage of Aquitania – the legendary Cunard ship known as the “Ship Beautiful.”

Cunard notes, “The largest liner in the world at the time of her May 30, 1914 Maiden Voyage, Aquitania is considered one of the most beautiful liners ever built, and certainly the most beautiful four-funneled liner ever. She became one of the longest-serving Cunarders in history – 36 years – and was the only major liner to serve in both World Wars. In fact, Sir Winston Churchill credited her and her two contemporaries, the original Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, with shortening World War II by a year. The service length and miles sailed (three million) of Aquitania were both only surpassed by Cunard’s iconic Queen Elizabeth 2.”

Another stop is planned at Greenock, where Greenock on the Clyde also has a close connection with Aquitania, “as the ship was built at the famous John Brown Shipyard located there. Additionally, when Queen Victoria arrives in Cobh, an earlier Cunard ship, Lusitania, will be remembered for her loss in World War I, as is becoming the custom when Cunard ships call there.”

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