Cunard Line Queen Victoria World Cruise

Queen Victoria World Cruise roundtrip from Southampton departing January 20, 2015 for 103 days. Fares from $15,399 per person for an inside stateroom to $48,099 per person for a Queens Grill Stateroom

Tue 20 Jan  Southampton, United Kingdom
Wed 21 Jan  At Sea
Thu 22 Jan  At Sea
Fri 23 Jan  Ponta Delgada, Portugal
Sat 24 Jan  At Sea
Sun 25 Jan  At Sea
Mon 26 Jan  At Sea
Tue 27 Jan  At Sea
Wed 28 Jan  At Sea
Thu 29 Jan  Antigua
Fri 30 Jan  Tortola, Virgin Islands British
Sat 31 Jan  At Sea
Sun 1 Feb  Nassau, Bahamas
Mon 2 Feb  Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Tue 3 Feb  At Sea
Wed 4 Feb  At Sea
Thu 5 Feb  Bonaire
Fri 6 Feb  Aruba
Sat 7 Feb  At Sea
Sun 8 Feb  Puerto Limon, Costa Rica
Tue 10 Feb  At Sea
Wed 11 Feb  At Sea
Thu 12 Feb  Puerto Quetzal
Fri 13 Feb  At Sea
Sat 14 Feb  At Sea
Sun 15 Feb  At Sea
Mon 16 Feb  At Sea
Tue 17 Feb  Los Angeles
Wed 18 Feb  At Sea
Thu 19 Feb  San Francisco, USA
Fri 20 Feb  At Sea
Sat 21 Feb  At Sea
Sun 22 Feb  At Sea
Mon 23 Feb  At Sea
Tue 24 Feb  Honolulu, Hawaii
Wed 25 Feb  At Sea
Thu 26 Feb  At Sea
Fri 27 Feb X Intl Dateline
Sat 28 Feb  At Sea
Sun 1 Mar  At Sea
Mon 2 Mar  Apia, Samoa
Tue 3 Mar  At Sea
Wed 4 Mar Suva, Fiji
Thu 5 Mar  At Sea
Fri 6 Mar  Port Vila A
Sat 7 Mar  At Sea
Sun 8 Mar  At Sea
Mon 9 Mar  Brisbane, Australia
Tue 10 Mar  At Sea
Wed 11 Mar  Sydney, Australia
Thu 12 Mar  Sydney, Australia
Fri 13 Mar  At Sea
Sat 14 Mar  At Sea
Sun 15 Mar At Sea
Mon 16 Mar  Wellington, New Zealand
Tue 17 Mar  Akaroa A
Wed 18 Mar  At Sea
Thu 19 Mar  Auckland, New Zealand
Fri 20 Mar  X Intl Dateline
Sat 21 Mar  At Sea
Sun 22 Mar  Rarotonga A
Mon 23 Mar  At Sea
Tue 24 Mar  Papeete, Tahiti
Wed 25 Mar  Bora Bora, French Polynesia A
Thu 26 Mar  At Sea
Fri 27 Mar  At Sea
Sat 28 Mar  At Sea
Sun 29 Mar  At Sea
Mon 30 Mar  Hilo, Hawaii
Tue 31 Mar  Kahului, Hawaii
Wed 1 Apr  At Sea
Thu 2 Apr  At Sea
Fri 3 Apr  At Sea
Sat 4 Apr  At Sea
Sun 5 Apr  At Sea
Mon 6 Apr  Los Angeles
Tue 7 Apr  At Sea
Wed 8 Apr  At Sea
Thu 9 Apr  Cabo San Lucas A
Fri 10 Apr  At Sea
Sat 11 Apr  At Sea
Sun 12 Apr At Sea
Mon 13 Apr  San Juan Del Sur A
Tue 14 Apr  At Sea
Wed 15 Apr  Panama Canal Full Transit C
Thu 16 Apr  At Sea
Fri 17 Apr  Cartagena, Colombia
Sat 18 Apr  At Sea
Sun 19 Apr  Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands A
Mon 20 Apr  At Sea
Tue 21 Apr  Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Wed 22 Apr  Port Canaveral, Florida
Thu 23 Apr  Charleston
Fri 24 Apr  At Sea
Sat 25 Apr  New York
Sun 26 Apr  At Sea
Mon 27 Apr  At Sea
Tue 28 Apr  At Sea
Wed 29 Apr  At Sea
Thu 30 Apr  At Sea
Fri 1 May  At Sea
Sat 2 May  At Sea
Sun 3 May  Southampton, United Kingdom


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