Crystal Cruises introduces the first-ever Ambassador Hostesses

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Ambassador Hostesses will debut on the Crystal Symphony later this year.

Several of the cruise lines offer professional dance partners for their solo guests who love to dance, but are without a partner. However, Crystal has decided to add a twist: their newest dance partners will be female, the first ever Ambassador Hostesses for the line- and for the industry.

Traditionally, Crystal’s (and everyone else’s) dance partners have been exclusively male, catering to the lovely ladies who are travel sans dance partner. However, a suggestion from a dance instructor persuaded Crystal to perform a test run of Ambassador Hostesses on a recent cruise- to enthusiastic results.

The ladies will debut on three Ballroom at Sea Experiences of Discovery voyages in 2014 and 2015.

• October 5, 2014, Lisbon/Miami, Crystal Symphony (10 days)
• June 12, 2015, New York/London, Crystal Symphony (16 days)
• December 11, 2015, Lisbon/Miami, Crystal Serenity (11 days)

Along with eight male dance hosts (double the usual number), the Trans-Atlantic sailings will each feature two Ambassador Hostesses to cha cha, swing, and waltz with solo gentlemen during evening dance sets, live orchestra performances and dance classes in the ships’ posh lounges.

Dancing with solo travelers isn’t the only job of Crystal’s Hosts and Hostesses, however- they also socialize with all guests, join singles dining tables, and accompany group excursions ashore.

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