Windstar Cruises

How do I contact a passenger directly on Windstar Cruises?

Please have the ship name, stateroom or suite number and party name. Ships can be reached via direct-dial satellite or fax. If calling from the United States please dial: 011 + ship number (phone or fax) listed below. If calling International please dial: 00 + ship number (phone and fax) listed below.

Wind Spirit +1 954.538.4376 954.538.4377
Wind Star +1 954.538.4397 954.538.4397
Wind Surf +1 954.538.4294 n/a
Star Pride +1 954.672.7610 n/a
Star Legend +1 954.672.6858 n/a
Star Breeze +1 954.672.6862 n/a


Emergency Phone Numbers:

During regular business hours please call 1-888-210-4485 or 206-733-2704 (6:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday; 7:00 am to 3:30 pm Saturday Pacific Time). Outside of these hours and during holidays, call 206-733-2991 (This number is for emergency use only; please do not call unless you are experiencing an emergency of urgent nature).

Windstar Cruises


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