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How do I contact a passenger directly on Costa Cruises?

If Guests need to be reached by people at home, friends and family may call or fax the ship directly; or they may make contact via email through the Guests own internet service provider which may be accessed via the Internet Center. WiFi is also available for Guests with personal devices.
In order to avoid wasting precious phone time to track down the Guest, callers are encouraged to send a fax before calling with the details of when the call can be expected.
Please note the numbers are subject to change.

Costa Cruises
COSTA ATLANTICA Phone: +870 773231818 Fax: +870 783201726
COSTA CLASSICA Phone: +870 765107418 Fax: +870 765107420
COSTA DELIZIOSA Phone:+870 764947193 Fax: +870 764947196
COSTA DIADEMA Phone: +870 765121895 Fax: +870 765121898
COSTA FASCINOSA Phone: +870 765096340 Fax: +870 765096342
COSTA FAVOLOSA Phone: +870 765080372 Fax: +870 765080374
COSTA FORTUNA Phone: +870 765112574 Fax:  +870 765112576
COSTA LUMINOSA Phone: +870 764890565 Fax: +870 764890566
COSTA MAGICA Phone:+870 764029390  Fax: +870 764029391
COSTA MEDITERRANEA Phone: +870 765103650 Fax: +870 765103651
COSTA neoRIVIERA Phone: +870 765118033/324704340
COSTA neoROMANTICA Phone: +870 765097148 Fax: +870 765097150
COSTA PACIFICA Phone: +870 764896930 Fax: +870 764896932
COSTA SERENA Phone: +870 761114781 Fax: +870 761114779
COSTA VICTORIA Phone: +870 773168938 Fax: +870 783900146

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