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A undiscovered (by Americans) classy beach resort, September 2, 2010

Reviewer: Todd Todd
Pros: Amazing architecture!
Cons: The town is spread out
Todd Todd saw things this way
Overall   4.00/5  (4)

This town is favored by the rich in South America in the summer, December and January.

The sights are the town itself centered on the small harbor, the white hotel that cascades on the hill near Punta Balena, the beaches on both sides of town, one side the Atlantic and the other the calmer Rio Plata side. and the amazing number of gargantuan vacation homes.

Rent a car and just drive around. The area north of town has some beautiful beaches and there are great restaurants everywhere. In town the area around the lighthouse and the yacht club is pleasant for walking. Punta Balena with the famous hotel is a little bit out of town.

Driving back toward the airport you can find beaches of golden sand that are pretty much deserted. The water is clean and clear. There are some huge hotels and casinos. Downtown on the Atlantic side are the "Hands in the Sands."

Totally unexpected are the Uruguayian wines and cheese.
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