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Sydney Nova Scotia

Sydney is just a lovely city. We took a tour through the narrow streets. Apparently the harbou was recently dregged to create a deep water port for the cruise ships. On almost every corner was a church. Picturesque churches, some small, some larger, some newer but most of them older. Sydney is 25 percent French descent and formerly was known for its coal mining. Now it is known for it's call centers.

We toured a museum called the Membertou Cultural Center. he Membertou are an Indian tribe. The tour was fascinating and learned all about the tribe's history as well as sweet grass, sage, and cedar and their medicinal properties.

Apparently the cruise industry has changed the whole city. On the dock is a plaza with vendors. Lots of locally made items: hats, earrings, soaps, scarves, etc. The item not to miss was the lobster roll at the little shop that served food. DELICIOUS! There was a Scotsman there playing the bagpipes and he just made my granddaughter's dream come true by playing a special song for her, his rendition of "Amazing Grace" and it was heartrendingly beautiful.

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A nice small town with plenty of culture and nature charm., November 23, 2012

Reviewer: supasil
Pros: Classic old churches and houses and the Cabot Trail.
Cons: Need more services to respond to the incoming tourists.
supasil saw things this way
Overall   4.00/5  (4)

We came to Sydney with the cruise last October actually because of the Cabot Trail, which was our dream to see once in our lives. We booked the Trail tour with the cruise long before our trip and was only informed onboard that we were on the waiting list. We came to find out that the tour was sold out and there was no chance to get on. We were very disappointed and felt like being cheated by the cruise, not letting us to know before the very long travel from our home. Even more, they did not try to help us to find another way to do such a tour on our own or anything else.

At first we thought, what are we going to do the whole day in a small town like Sydney? But this changed as we left the ship and found the Visitor Center right on the pier. We learned to get to know Sydney and how we could make our dream with the Cabot Trail come true!

We could take a taxi and make a mini-Cabot Trail tour on our own and could visit even more attractions like Baddeck, the Alexander Grahamm Bell Museum, and the Gaelic College St. Ann and still have enough time to come back and see the town of Sydney with its wonderful churches, like St. Patrick's Church and the old St.George's Church as well as the old style Cossit and Jost Houses. That was more than enough for us for the day.

We were very happy and visited the Cabot Trail for more than four hours with the taxi, which was very rare to find at the pier (we had to walk down to the town to find one and were lucky to get along very well with the driver).

We enjoyed very much the scenery with the early fall colors changing along the way. We made many photo stops. Also we admired the scenery at Baddeck with the Bras d'Or lake and the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. Our last stop at Gaelic College St. Ann was also an unexpected pleasure.

After we came back to Sydney, we walked along Charlotte street and enjoyed visiting the St. George's Church (the church is very classic in style, the oldest building in town, but well preserved and still in good function.) St. Patrick's Church is also a gem for Sydney, but I don't like at all the wire cable in front (it diminishes a lot the value and the image of the church).

I also liked the way they presented the Cossit and Jost Houses with the old costumes matching the period of time.

The giant fiddler at the pier was unique to us and an interesting photo spot.

By the end of the day we could say that we enjoyed of visiting Sydney very much, not less than any other ports of our trip. And now we are happy to have seen, if not as expected, at least a part of the Cabot Trail.

We do think that Sydney itself has to do much more to catch up with the demand of its rising tourism without losing its current charm.

We shall be happy if we have the chance (because of the cost, the long travel and our increasing ages) to come and visit Sydney again.
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