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Enjoyable, January 23, 2017

Reviewer: wegelman
Pros: The friendliness of the people
Cons: Did not have any negative experiences
wegelman saw things this way
Overall   5.00/5  (5)

Bridgetown is an interesting place to visit. The town is very walkable. The people are very friendly. It is a town of many bridges. We did not book any excursions. Instead, we spent about three hours walking the town.
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Clean, economically stable island, but airport was a horror on departure day, December 23, 2015

Reviewer: Huahine
Pros: Worth spending a day or two at beach resort before or after cruise
Cons: Spent 1.5 hours in line to get to gate to leave on a Saturday, departure day
Huahine saw things this way
Overall   3.00/5  (3)

To spare us stress, and my blood pressure, I booked us on a late-morning flight two days prior to embarkation on our cruise. Instead of a stressful, sleepless slog, we had a glorious day and a half at a three-star hotel at the end of Dover Beach. The hotel was clean and affordable and well located, just a short stroll down the sand from Sandals Barbados resort.

We had a nice walk to St. Lawrence Gap checking out the various eateries for dinner and finally settled on Crave ( because the owner, standing at the entrance, was so charming. I had baby scallops with linguine in a nice cream sauce. My husband had the fresh fish of the day. Both excellent. It helped that we arrived in time for happy hour: two-for one drinks. We found Barbados to be among the most pleasant Caribbean islands we have visited. Clean and well managed. It’s the easternmost of the islands, nicknamed “Little England.” Discovered by the Portuguese and then claimed by England, it became independent in 1966.

Another loll by the pool in the morning sun, then off to the cruise terminal. Shops inside are set up in buildings resembling colorful Barbados houses. We had time for lunch before embarkation, but were disappointed to find only one outdoor bar with a limited menu. One good point: More Banks Beer.
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It was okay but we chose poorly I suspect, July 6, 2010

Reviewer: suz56
Pros: Beautiful water
Cons: Downtown like San Francisco but smaller buildings more banks and jewelry stores
suz56 saw things this way
Overall   3.00/5  (3)

We went on the submarine trip. The trip out on the water was beautiful! The dive itself was pretty lame. Nothing much in the water, the colors were all greenish blue...just weak. They advertise that you can take pictures but the pictures I took were not exciting. My mom's camera, a decent Olympus digital, wouldn't take anything but darkness because of the glass.

Then we went downtown. The van was $2 each to get there, but since there were only two of us on the way back all the cabbies said we had to pay $3 each. Not a biggie but it was advertised that it was $2 each way.

Downtown was just a city with LOTS of banks and LOTS of jewelry stores. We finally went down some side streets and found a little personality. We went into a restaurant and had a beer on the patio. It was a cute little place with bright colors and green shutters on the windows and a bunch of locals having what smelled like a delicious lunch.

On the way back we passed more what we were looking for, a bunch of small shops selling home-made items. Next time, we are going to head over there or just beach it all day instead.

I'm sure it was just our poor choices that day. I am willing to try again :-)

I would suggest when visiting Barbados that you catch a cab to the small village of St. Lawrence Gap. It is full of small shops and picturesque restaurants and has a nice park right on the beach. Cynthia Boal Janssens Editor, AllThingsCruise

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