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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
Fantastic city with tremendous energy, September 14, 2010

Reviewer: Doug62
Pros: The food, the shopping and the nightlife
Cons: The pollution and the crowds
Doug62 saw things this way
Overall   5.00/5  (5)

Hong Kong is a fantastic place to spend time. Despite any historical sites, there is still plenty to occupy a traveller's day. Take the tram from Sheung Wan to Quarry Bay for only 2 HKD and watch the chaos and hustle of the city from the window. It's the cheapest sightseeing in town!

A visit to the Peak will give you great views of the city and the Harbor. Take the Star Ferry over to Kowloon and walk along the Kowloon waterfront. Doing this at night will give you a great view of the famous Hong Kong skyline at night.

Of course, eating Cantonese food is a must, especially dim sum. Or afternoon tea at the Peninsula Hotel for a bit of British colonial nostalgia. Hong Kong is worth the visit!
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Hong Kong is New York on speed!, September 14, 2010

Reviewer: sfvoyage
Pros: Full of energy, chaos, excitement
Cons: Air pollution, congestion and noise
sfvoyage saw things this way
Overall   5.00/5  (5)

Hong Kong is one of the most dynamic and exciting cities in the worldDue to the limited space, buildings go up skyward, ever so tall, and taller...

The food is glorious. A short port visit is hardly sufficient, but here are a few suggestions for a day trip:

If the weather is good (and the queue is not too long), do take the Peak Tram to the top of the Peak for a wonderful panoramic view of the islands and the harbor.

Take the old-fashioned tram line on HK island between Sheung Wan via Central and Wanchai to Causeway Bay. Get off there to experience HK's population density and shops and restaurants. Victoria Park is there as well, for a little escape from the crowds.

Star Ferry is a treat, but you can skip it since you're already cruising in and out of the harbor.

Dim sum lunch will be a treat, except for vegetarians.
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The ultimate port, August 26, 2010

Reviewer: Todd Todd
Pros: Excitement, colors, food, shopping, neon, the New China, harbor traffic, tea!
Cons: Be prepared to be lost in a sea of rushing Cantonese
Todd Todd saw things this way
Overall   5.00/5  (5)

The best city ever for a short stay. There's everything from the most expensive and sophisticated to the down and out. The city pulses with life 24 hours a day. Probably the only city in the world that carries itself off in two completely different worlds. It is in Hong Kong that East truly meets West.

Brace yourself. The escalator, the subway, the street life and the buses and trams. Don't forget the funicular with it's amazing views. High rises that are high up on subtropical peaks to start with. Restaurants that seem to serve hundreds at the same time. And, small shops that seem too small to survive. Ancient art work and tomorrow's electronics right on top of each other.

For some reason Hong Kong is for indulgences. Whether it is jewelry, food, clothes, or cricket cages you can find it here. Maybe it's that it doesn't have to be expensive. The small bit of tasty dim sum, or the cup of oolong tea, can be an indulgence.

And, no trip would be complete without one crossing of the harbor on the Star ferry.
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