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Average Rating based on 3 Reviews
Value For Money  4.00/5  (4.00)
Cabin Design  4.00/5  (4.00)
Entertainment  3.67/5  (3.67)
Food Quality  4.33/5  (4.33)
Ship Maintenance  4.67/5  (4.67)
Staff and Service  4.67/5  (4.67)

Compared to averages for similar items
Value For Money  4.00/5  (4.00)
Cabin Design  3.50/5  (3.50)
Entertainment  3.33/5  (3.33)
Fitness Center  3.67/5  (3.67)
Food Quality  4.33/5  (4.33)
Ship Maintenance  4.67/5  (4.67)
Spa  3.67/5  (3.67)
Staff and Service  4.33/5  (4.33)

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Star Flyer
Star Flyer

Star Clipper and her sister ship Star Flyer are as fleet as the wind and as graceful as swans. These are true clipper ships, reflecting their proud heritage in every inch of polished brass and gleaming brightwork.

Step aboard these unique vessels and discover a new age of sail, where the traditions of the past are happily married to the comforts and amenities of the present. Star Clipper and Star Flyer are modern cruise ships in every way, created for comfort-loving passengers who also love the traditions and romance of the legendary era of sailing ships.

Star Clipper and Star Flyer are both 360 feet long and each carries just 170 guests in pampered comfort. Life aboard is blissfully relaxed, much like travelling on a private yacht. You'll never feel confined, as each ship offers pleasingly spacious accommodation and expansive teak decks with ample space for relaxing and play. In fact, you'll find that these ships offer more outdoor space per passenger than most conventional cruise ships.

The decor of Star Clipper and Star Flyer is reminiscent of the grand age of sail. Antique prints and paintings of famous sailing ships please the eye, while teak and gleaming mahogany rails are richly reminiscent of Star Clippers' proud nautical heritage.

Enjoy our convivial indoor-outdoor Tropical Bar and Piano Bar, and Edwardian style library where a Belle epoque fireplace glows with a warmth that reflects the friendliness and enthusiasm of Star Clippers' hospitable officers and crew.

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(Review ID: 1274)
Nice sailing experience, May 31, 2016

Reviewer: lovetosail
Pros: Authentic sailing vessel
Cons: Poor wine choices by the glass; only one table for two at dinner
Date of cruise: may 2016
Departure port: Barcelona
Region visited: Mediterranean
Cabin category: Outside
Cabin number: 127
Good for children: No
lovetosail saw things this way
Value For Money   4.00/5  (4)
Cabin Design   4.00/5  (4)
Entertainment   4.00/5  (4)
Food Quality   4.00/5  (4)
Ship Maintenance   5.00/5  (5)
Staff and Service   4.00/5  (4)

A beautiful ship, lovingly maintained. Basic cabins are small but function well, with ample storage space. Would prefer another English-speaking TV station besides the BBC; plenty of DVDs to borrow, as well as reading materials in the library.

Need better toiletries -- shampoo bottle has such a narrow opening that it took forever to come out; also tended to dry out hair, so conditioner should be provided. Food was plentiful and well prepared, though not always piping hot. There wasn't a good variety of vegetables with dinner (carrots and broccoli were served most nights).

Wines by the glass could stand improvement; there were three from the same company. Some Australia/New Zealand selections would be nice.

Steffi worked hard to ensure that excursions, activities and airport transfers ran smoothly. The shared taxi to Nice airport was prohibitively expensive. Ports of call were lovely (Mallorca, Menorca, Bonifacio, Calvi, St. Tropez).

Our cabin steward always greeted us with a friendly wave and smile, even from far down the hall. This friendly attitude wasn't always consistent with other crew members. The main drawback for us is the dining room seating: booths seat six, and most of the other tables seat eight. After a long day of sightseeing, passengers don't always feel the inclination to be chatty with others and might want an intimate dinner for two, especially if it's a special occasion for them. There is always plenty of opportunity to socialize on deck when the sails are raised, or in the Tropical Bar at any time.

The clippers are not suitable for children; there is no children's menu and no activities geared to the young. This is why we prefer the clippers to any other cruise, but those traveling with young families won't feel the same way.

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Star Flyer, Star Clipper or Royal Clipper for a memorable sailing experience.
(Review ID: 1154)
Wonderful, authentic sailing experience, especially for sailing enthusiasts, November 21, 2014

Reviewer: dhouser
Pros: Genuine, intimate sailing experience
Cons: Very poor and overpriced internet connection. Poor TV reception as well.
Date of cruise: Oct. 18 - Nov. 9, 2014
Departure port: Malaga, Spain
Region visited: Transoceanic
Cabin category: Outside
Cabin number: 336
Found through:,Cruise line website
Good for children: No
dhouser saw things this way
Value For Money   3.00/5  (3)
Cabin Design   4.00/5  (4)
Entertainment   3.00/5  (3)
Food Quality   4.00/5  (4)
Ship Maintenance   4.00/5  (4)
Staff and Service   5.00/5  (5)

All three Star Clipper vessels are replicas -- as authentic as they can be while meeting current day regulations, regarding safety, sanitation, etc. -- of the grand old clipper ships that roamed the oceans during the 19th and early 20th centuries. With four masts, Star Flyer employs 16 sails totaling nearly 37,000 sq. ft. and to see them all set and filled with a good wind is a thing of beauty.

The vessel is elegantly decorated in a period (Edwardian) style with surprisingly spacious staterooms and a dining room large enough to seat the ship's maximum capacity of 170 passengers in one seating.

Officers and crew are quite friendly and accommodating and the food and services are excellent. My only criticisms are the substandard and very costly internet service (available only in certain public areas) -- and the poor/intermittent TV reception which made it difficult for this news junkie to keep up with world events. I suspect the reason for this is the ship's dated and limited satellite setup. Hopefully this will be remedied when Star Flyer goes into dry dock at the end of the 2015 summer season.

One more thing: Star Clipper Cruises is a European owned/operated company and accordingly this is a very Euro-centric operation. Americans are a distinct minority on most cruises. That's not a bad thing except when it comes to factoring in the Euro as the exchange currency. Everything you purchase onboard (wine, bar drinks, shop items, internet and excursions) is relatively pricey to begin with -- but the real shock comes when you convert your bill to dollars. The currency differential at the time of my voyage added 26% to my bottom line. All one can do about that I suppose is to pray for parity.
(Review ID: 300)
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Beautiful, intimate ship, September 7, 2010

Reviewer: gypsyfairy
Pros: Small ship experience, food, ability to get into small lagoons
Cons: Small ship motion
Date of cruise: June 2009
Departure port: Tahiti
Region visited: South Pacific/Australia
Cabin category: Outside
Found through: Cruise line website
Good for children: No
Good for teenagers: Yes
gypsyfairy saw things this way
Value For Money   5.00/5  (5)
Cabin Design   4.00/5  (4)
Entertainment   4.00/5  (4)
Food Quality   5.00/5  (5)
Ship Maintenance   5.00/5  (5)
Staff and Service   5.00/5  (5)

My husband and I honeymooned on the Star Flyer in French Polynesia in June 2009. The ship was beautiful both inside and out. It looks like a pirate ship with all the sails.

It was great that we were able to visit several islands and dock in lagoons that the bigger ships couldn't fit in. However, the small scale of the ship also meant more motion...and this was the only negative for us, but certainly worth considering. There were nights we literally rolled back and forth in bed and everything in our room flew about. These nights we were unable to make it to the dining room. But on the nights when we were docked in a lagoon or had little motion...the Star Flyer was a great experience and the food was excellent.

The ship had real old world charm and the activities included were perfect for us....snorkeling, beach picnic, private island retreat. Add-on activities...snorkel trip and jungle hike. This is not an entertainment ship...this cruise was all about the scenery, activities, and islands. Just what we wanted. If it wasn't for the motion I would go back on the Star Flyer again and again....they have many great itineraries....but I am worried about rough water on a small ship.
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