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Lagoon 440

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Lagoon 440

To ensure all our guests are offered the best possible experience, we have created a fleet exclusively made up of the Lagoon 440 sailing catamaran. There are a number of reasons we feel the Lagoon 440 is a superior vessel for the charters in which we offer in addition to the many awards it has won for its unique style and functionality.

Here are some of the highlights of the Lagoon 440:

Comfort of Air-Conditioning: All of our vessels come complete with air-conditioning in the main salon as well as individual controls for each cabin. When at anchor, a generator which is located beneath the seat in the rear cockpit, supplies the necessary energy to run the AC. For those who prefer the natural breeze, each cabin offers a cabin deck hatch and port hole as well as a top hatch in the bath which allows air to flow throughout this area.

Maximum of Six Guests: Each of our Lagoons feature, three guest cabins and one crew cabin. We have found six guests to be an ideal make up for our crew to efficiently manage and offer the personal attention necessary for each guest.

Abundant headroom throughout: The vertical, wrap around windows, which have become the signature for Lagoon, not only provide excellent visibility from both inside and in the rear cockpit, it also provides superior headroom throughout the main salon. This headroom continues through each cabin and bath.

Private Bath for each guest cabin: Each cabin has the privacy of an en suite bath. The bathroom features a toilet, vanity, sink, medicine cabinet and shower/faucet.

Superior Deck Space: The Lagoon 440 has the unique flybridge design that offers our guests the opportunity to sit above the cockpit with the captain while under sail and also provides for a location for guests to relax while at anchor. The 440 also features two full size trampolines as well as a six person bench seat located forward of the salon and peak chairs offer guests an exhilarating seat while under sail.

Exterior Dining in a spacious cockpit: The flybridge design opens up the rear cockpit to additional seating comfort for our guests. This is where we do our dining and also offers a great location to get out of the elements while still enjoying the sites. Retractable canvas sides are available to offer additional shade and protection from weather.

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