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Average Rating based on 4 Reviews
Value For Money  4.50/5  (4.50)
Cabin Design  3.00/5  (3.00)
Entertainment  4.50/5  (4.50)
Fitness Center  4.33/5  (4.33)
Food Quality  4.67/5  (4.67)
Ship Maintenance  5.00/5  (5.00)
Spa  3.00/5  (3.00)
Specialty Restaurant  5.00/5  (5.00)
Staff and Service  4.50/5  (4.50)

Compared to averages for similar items
Value For Money  4.06/5  (4.06)
Cabin Design  3.98/5  (3.98)
Entertainment  3.66/5  (3.66)
Fitness Center  3.94/5  (3.94)
Food Quality  4.20/5  (4.20)
Ship Maintenance  4.16/5  (4.16)
Spa  3.72/5  (3.72)
Specialty Restaurant  4.06/5  (4.06)
Staff and Service  4.38/5  (4.38)

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Royal Princess
Royal Princess

The Royal Princess cruise ship remains one of the most beautiful ships afloat. See her all-outside staterooms, wrap-around promenade deck, terraced observation areas and much more. Christened by Princess Diana, it has a sleek silhouette and terraced observation decks both fore and aft that have brought her rave reviews since being introduced in 1984.

Our ships may be big, but they don't feel big. That's because we used our extra space not to cram in more people but to create more small intimate places. Our deck plans offer lots of restaurants, theatres, bars, swimming pools and so on. We call it "big ship choice and small ship feel" (sm).

Princess staterooms offer the deluxe amenities you'd expect from a first-class hotel: everything from 24-hour room service to chocolates on the pillow at night.

Royal Princess' decks, observation areas and lavish floor-to-ceiling windows make her perfect for cruising around the world, including Canada/New England, the Mediterranean, Europe and South America.

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(Review ID: 1104)
Can't wait to go again, April 16, 2014
Reviewer: umuva
Pros: All the ship's personnel
Cons: Rooms are smallish
Date of cruise: April 6-13, 2014
Departure port: Ft Lauderdale
Region visited: Caribbean - Eastern
Cabin category: Balcony
Cabin number: E103
Found through: Cruise line website
umuva saw things this way
Value For Money   5.00/5  (5)
Cabin Design   4.00/5  (4)
Entertainment   5.00/5  (5)
Fitness Center   4.00/5  (4)
Food Quality   5.00/5  (5)
Ship Maintenance   5.00/5  (5)
Staff and Service   5.00/5  (5)

This was our second time on the Royal. We went over New Year's and unfortunately there were over 800 children -- many of whom were uncontrollable, either by their nannies or parents who thought even 5-year-olds were adults. However, we just returned April 13 and had a great time.

The cruise staff led by Samantha is fabulous. There were so many activities it was impossible to be everywhere and what fun. Paul, Christopher, Drake, Armando, Gary, Melissa, Robbie, Toby (hope I did not miss anyone) - what a great cruise staff!

Our stateroom steward Jerry was great. Always anticipating, never had to ask twice. And all other stewards with a friendly warm greeting whenever you saw them.

Loved the Beatlemaniacs show. People dancing in their seats and in the aisles. When they later performed in the Piazza, people did not stop dancing to the music. I mean they never left the dance floor for almost an hour. Ye Olde Pub Night is a great, fun time.

Although we did Anytime Dining, we had the same table for six nights. Gabriel and Putri, our servers, were great. Never wanted for anything. Food was very good.

We were so tired out from all the activities and eating that we needed a vacation when we got home.

There were six of us who traveled together on this cruise. We all said we wished we could have done a back-to-back -- we enjoyed ourselves so much.
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(Review ID: 1103)
1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Different but not better than other Princess ships!, April 15, 2014
Reviewer: bebob
Pros: This ship has TV on demand for free and great entertainment in the Piazza
Cons: The balconies don't compare to those on other Princess ships. They are so tiny!
Date of cruise: 12/22/13
Departure port: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Region visited: Caribbean - Eastern
Cabin category: Balcony
Cabin number: C619
Found through:,Cruise line website,Cruise deal website,Email newsletters
bebob saw things this way
Value For Money   4.00/5  (4)
Cabin Design   1.00/5  (1)
Entertainment   4.00/5  (4)
Fitness Center   4.00/5  (4)
Food Quality   4.00/5  (4)
Ship Maintenance   5.00/5  (5)
Spa   4.00/5  (4)
Staff and Service   4.00/5  (4)

The balcony was a big disappointment. Having cruised on all of the Princess class ships, the balcony on Royal Princess didn't compare. It was super small and barely useable. It wasn't big enough for a balcony dinner. We called it a lean to, not a place to relax and spend time on sea days. We paid extra for cat. DB (Deluxe Balcony) but the balcony wasn't any bigger than a standard cabin's balcony. So don't fall for the this trap. Stick with Cat. BA or BB. These cabins are in better locations.

Most Princess ships have stairways in the center of the ship that go all the way to the top deck. This ship doesn't, which causes a bottleneck for all midship cabins as the elevator is the only way to go up or down from the center of the ship. Otherwise you have to walk all the way to the back of the ship or the front to use those stairways which is very time consuming.

The photo department doesn't offer specials as they have in past years. They charge more than other cruise lines for their portraits. We do not like to purchase two of the exact same photo in order to get a free frame. They should allow us to purchase two different photos to qualify for their special deals. They do have a nice variety of backdrops each evening to choose from. However, the casual photos taken in ports should be smaller and much cheaper than those taken on formal nights (6 by 8 or 5 by 7 size photos are large enough for port shots). The Horizon Court was very nice and had many selections not offered on other ships. It was also nice that the dessert area was separate so it was easy to help yourself. The main dining room had limited menus each evening. Most of the food we ordered was satisfactory but not outstanding and we were on a Christmas cruise.

The walking/jogging track is located on one of the top decks which is in the sun most of the day. On their other ships the walking deck is down lower, thus under cover, which keeps it comfortable to walk laps any time of day. It was too hot to walk on this track in the afternoons like we were used to. We missed being able to walk all the way around an entire deck on the ship as on other their Princess ships.

An extra that only Princess ships seem to have are public laundromats on every deck which is nice. You can wash, dry, and even iron your clothes on board. The Piazza has been expanded and has so much to offer. It is a pleasant place to spend some time each day. There is a live TV Studio where shows are filmed daily. You can win nice prizes if you attend these live tapings in person. The problem was they gave all or most of the prizes to the same person and to small children under 10 years old even though they were not accompanied by an adult. One small boy won a $350 gift certificate for the fine jewelry store onboard and was told to give it to his mother. Winning prizes should be limited to adults only unless there is a children's show being taped where the majority of the audience are children.

The outdoor light show utilizing the fountains is beautiful accompanied by music. More movies should be shown on the outdoor movie screen especially during evening hours. There were hand sanitizer stations available in the dining areas but most people walked right past them. In the past this was supervised better so that everyone used it and no one got sick.

We liked docking at the Havensight Mall area in St. Thomas over Crown Bay. We loved walking along the water to town. The internet café was well organized and monitored. The Internet staff helped print and rectify problems as they arose. Great staff!!

Having a sports deck for all sports was a good idea. It kept family members close by and on the same deck although crowded at times.

The one day super sales do not offer the quality merchandise that had been sold at these sales in the past. It was nothing but a bunch of junk they couldn't get rid of. Disappointing. The future cruise credits purchased on board are only good for two years now instead of four years as in the past. The public areas of this ship are attractive and very comfortable. However the ship's layout, lack of center stairways, tiny balconies, and congested outdoor areas make this particular ship and its sister ship (Regal Princess) less desirable to sail on, so we will only go on it again if it has an tempting itinerary. It would be good for Alaska sailings because not much time would be spent outdoors on those sailings.

We loved being able to watch a current movie in our cabin and be able to put it on pause while we went to dinner. Then we would come back to the cabin and finish watching it. Great idea! There is less closet and drawer space in the cabins compared to their other ships but it was adequate for a 7-day cruise. The bathroom had a larger sink than most ships.

It is nice to be able to reserve shore excursions online before sailing. It sure saves time once on board.

Pleasant music was played over the intercom throughout the public areas. The piano player in the Piazza was a tremendous entertainer. He could play anything and sing along also. We appreciated that their ships are nonsmoking in the cabins and especially on the balconies. We could be outdoors and not smell smoke for once. The ship was beautifully decorated for Christmas even though it was this ship's first Christmas. It was lovely and very festive. Also Princess still dispenses chocolates on the pillow each evening which we love.
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(Review ID: 1088)
6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
Beautiful ship, crowded public spaces., February 7, 2014
Reviewer: Vmp2Travel
Pros: The Piazza is the star of the ship.
Cons: Crowded and slow elevatiors, pool areas
Date of cruise: January 26, 2014
Departure port: Fort Lauderdale
Region visited: Caribbean - Eastern
Cabin category: Balcony
Found through: Cruise deal website
Vmp2Travel saw things this way
Value For Money   4.00/5  (4)
Cabin Design   3.00/5  (3)
Entertainment   4.00/5  (4)
Food Quality   5.00/5  (5)
Ship Maintenance   5.00/5  (5)
Staff and Service   4.00/5  (4)

This is a beautiful ship with many unusual features. The public areas in the Piazza were comfortable, and there are many dining and snack options. We especially enjoyed the food and service at Alfredo's, and the staff was most welcoming.

Most of the other food services on the ship were very good, especially the lunch dining room. The staff there did an admirable job!

Our main dining room dinner experience was lackluster at best. We were very disappointed with the inattention of our waiter and busser, compared to our other experiences. As an example, water and beverage glasses were filled once, then ignored for the rest of the evening. Our table guests had to request two water glasses and extra drinks at the beginning of each meal in order to have those items available.

Food delivery for the dining room was slow, but it seemed that our table was always served last, despite our prompt arrival and order selection. Food was of good quality, but not exceptional.

Our balcony stateroom seemed smaller than most, and the balcony was MUCH smaller than I expected. Room enough for two chairs, and a place to have a drink, but that's it. We loved the On Demand TV programming.

The outdoor pool area was always crowded and noisy on sea days. Deck chairs were scarce. No safe haven for a quiet few hours, unless you paid for the privilege at the Sanctuary!

The most frustrating aspect was the slow and crowded elevators. The small elevators, with a stated capacity of 15 or 18 (on the slightly larger main elevators) were in reality only capable of carrying 8 or 9 adults. Some passengers would push through to get on because they knew how long the waits were. We were upset about this problem, which impacted us daily. The elevator situation would make us hesitate to go on this ship again.
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(Review ID: 981)
9 of 9 people found the following review helpful:
So much to see and do on the Royal Princess, August 12, 2013
Reviewer: klb
Pros: Dining, wine events, staff, ship design of social areas
Cons: Crowded pools, spa
Date of cruise: July 29
Departure port: Venice
Region visited: Mediterranean
Cabin category: Balcony
Found through: Cruise line website
Good for children: Yes
Good for teenagers: Yes
klb saw things this way
Value For Money   5.00/5  (5)
Cabin Design   4.00/5  (4)
Entertainment   5.00/5  (5)
Fitness Center   5.00/5  (5)
Ship Maintenance   5.00/5  (5)
Spa   2.00/5  (2)
Specialty Restaurant   5.00/5  (5)
Staff and Service   5.00/5  (5)

So much to see and do on the ship. The ship really is the star of the show, regardless of where you sail.

The dining is amazing, with all of the options. The wine pairings and events are great, too.

The spa is a letdown. The staff seem disorganized. The prices are too high. Enjoy a spa on land at home.

The decks are packed during sea days, as to be expected.

The staff is friendly and helpful.
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