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Value For Money  3.20/5  (3.20)
Cabin Design  3.40/5  (3.40)
Entertainment  4.00/5  (4.00)
Fitness Center  3.60/5  (3.60)
Food Quality  3.60/5  (3.60)
Ship Maintenance  4.40/5  (4.40)
Spa  4.00/5  (4.00)
Specialty Restaurant  3.75/5  (3.75)
Staff and Service  3.00/5  (3.00)

Compared to averages for similar items
Value For Money  3.58/5  (3.58)
Cabin Design  3.58/5  (3.58)
Entertainment  3.99/5  (3.99)
Fitness Center  3.96/5  (3.96)
Food Quality  3.56/5  (3.56)
Ship Maintenance  4.14/5  (4.14)
Spa  4.18/5  (4.18)
Specialty Restaurant  4.00/5  (4.00)
Staff and Service  3.95/5  (3.95)

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NCL Norwegian Breakaway
NCL Norwegian Breakaway

Built in 2013, the Norwegian Breakaway is the first of a new class of ships, and it incorporates many of the design innovations pioneered in the development of the Norwegian Epic. At about 153,000 tons, it has a passenger capacity of approximately 4,000.

There are no set dining times or assigned tables, and passengers are never required to wear formal dress. The NCL Breakaway also does away with the two main dining rooms, instead replacing them with more than 16 more intimate dining options. These include seafood, steak house, French bistro, Asian fusion, Teppanyaki, sushi, Italian, tapas, Brazilian, Chinese fast food, and more. Note that the best onboard restaurants do require additional fees, and advance reservations are strongly recommended. The Breakaway also features innovative types of cabins. Small cabins accommodate solo travelers without a "single supplement' fee for traveling alone. At the other end of the spectrum are various villa-style options that include special amenities like butler service and access to certain exclusive areas of the ship.

The Breakaway has a great deal of focus on onboard entertainment options, with spectacular brand-name live shows.

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(Review ID: 1037)
0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Love the newest NCL ship, very well done, 678 Ocean is great, January 23, 2014
Reviewer: Michelle
Pros: Shows are top notch, best part is the ropes course
Cons: Still would like to see bigger cabins
Date of cruise: 05/03/2013
Departure port: New York
Region visited: Cruise to Nowhere
Cabin category: Balcony
Found through: Cruise line website,Travel agent's web site
Good for children: Yes
Good for teenagers: Yes
Michelle saw things this way
Value For Money   5.00/5  (5)
Cabin Design   4.00/5  (4)
Entertainment   5.00/5  (5)
Fitness Center   5.00/5  (5)
Food Quality   4.00/5  (4)
Ship Maintenance   5.00/5  (5)
Spa   5.00/5  (5)
Specialty Restaurant   5.00/5  (5)
Staff and Service   4.00/5  (4)

I love that NCL has taken it up a notch and adding more and more entertainment and unique dining - I like the freestyle dining but you need to be proactive about booking dining times before getting on the ship, so as not to be disappointed. The Ropes Course is awesome and kids can spend hours here. I think the outdoor eating area on Ocean 678 areas are well thought out and a good variety. Casino is nice. Still not understanding the Ice Bar concept but people like it. Their entertainment and shows are great, especially liking a Broadway show over the normal cruise ship show.
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(Review ID: 1003)
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Disappointing, October 28, 2013
Reviewer: bobjonson
Pros: New ship
Cons: Service -- waiting in lines to get into a not full dining room.
Date of cruise: 10/20/2013
Departure port: New York
Region visited: Bahamas
Cabin category: Balcony
Cabin number: 8750
Found through: Cruise line website
Good for children: Yes
Good for teenagers: Yes
bobjonson saw things this way
Value For Money   3.00/5  (3)
Cabin Design   1.00/5  (1)
Entertainment   4.00/5  (4)
Fitness Center   3.00/5  (3)
Food Quality   4.00/5  (4)
Ship Maintenance   4.00/5  (4)
Spa   4.00/5  (4)
Specialty Restaurant   4.00/5  (4)
Staff and Service   2.00/5  (2)

It seems to me that NCL is into generating as much cash as possible once you on board. NCL seems to raised their shipboard charges.

Also, try to get a drink. All of the other cruise lines have more than enough bar servers.

The cabins are the smallest I have ever been in, and we had a balcony. Cabins are poorly designed. So is the comedy club. Hard wooden seats and not many good seats.

Only two banks of elevators, one in the front and one in the rear. I think we are going to take a break from NCL for awhile.
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(Review ID: 1002)
6 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
good, October 22, 2013
Reviewer: anchorsfaye
Pros: good
Cons: nothing
Date of cruise: October 6, 2013
Departure port: New York City
Region visited: Bermuda
Cabin category: Balcony
Found through: Cruise line website
Good for children: Yes
Good for teenagers: Yes
anchorsfaye saw things this way
Value For Money   4.00/5  (4)
Cabin Design   5.00/5  (5)
Entertainment   5.00/5  (5)
Fitness Center   3.00/5  (3)
Food Quality   4.00/5  (4)
Ship Maintenance   5.00/5  (5)
Specialty Restaurant   3.00/5  (3)
Staff and Service   3.00/5  (3)

On October 6, my husband and I left for Bermuda to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary/second honeymoon on the newest and largest ship in Manhattan harbor -- the NCL (Norwegian) Breakaway. It is so new (five months old) you can't find a scratch anywhere. The CEO of NCL grew up in New York so he had a good idea of what the ship should look like. The outside of the ship is rather tacky like Times Square and the top deck looks like Coney Island. But the inside has the colors of Manhattan -- earth tones with a tint of turquoise -- even the main dining room is called Manhattan and it looks exactly like a Manhattan restaurant.

But he did not ask my opinion when he picked the name Breakaway. That was a mistake. They should have called it the Getaway (which is the next NCL ship that will be home-based in Miami). New Yorkers never use the term "breakaway" -- they always say they need to getaway or to get out of the city. This ship was easy to get around although the hallways were so, so narrow. It does not have many quiet areas to sit in so having a balcony was perfect. The Atrium (lobby) had the largest indoor screen I have ever seen. I must admit I am not a sports fan but it was fun watching the audience cheering the Giants as they watched on this huge screen. We were on deck 12 and I loved our balcony cabin -- bathroom was a good size, shower was large and even though the water power was not great, the hair dryer was the best I ever used on a cruise ship and so was the shampoo. The electricity in the cabin was so weird - took time to figure out which switch is what and how it works. The TV was terrible. There were no instructions anywhere.

This cabin had something also that is a first -- a coffee maker. I loved this since I am a coffee drinker and the coffee often on the ship was weak so I was able to make my own strong coffee in the AM and sit on my balcony and see the sun come up. I also had a mini refrigerator and asked our amazing steward (Jay) to remove the items so I could put in my skim milk, juice, etc. There were no drawers in the cabin but truthfully I did not mind since the shelves were great (especially the one under the large mirror that held all of my bottles of vitamins, etc.) The balcony was small with two chairs and a very small table. But I asked Jay to get me another table so we could eat there and also use them to put our feet up. We spent so, so, so much time on this balcony -- the glass wall was so, so clear and when the water was rough I felt like I was on a small boat in Niagara Falls. Three areas are important to cruisers: entertainment, food and service. Entertainment and food are subjective but service is not. SERVICE: NCL generally does not care about service or should I say is self service. Most of the crew were from the Philippines and they are gentle and quiet people but since they were understaffed they seemed annoyed and I did not blame them. Perhaps this is why they had a coffee machine in each cabin because it took forever to get room service. I did love the small sinks in the entrance of the cafe which are used to wash your hands in addition to the sanitizing machines. Also, had wine dispensers in the lobby and cafe which is the first time I have ever seen this. We laughed at the fruit in the buffet because it was not cut up so we had to do that ourselves - again self-service. FOOD: Generally, we were surprised.The coffee was good but not great and my husband did like his poached eggs (which is the way he judges a cruise ship). I found the cookies, soups, chicken, herring (for breakfast) and most of all the soft ice cream and hard ice cream that is available all day to be really good. Also, for the first time I can think of, a cruise ship had lobster tail (and it was good) unlimited one night in the buffet.

The biggest gripe I had was with the specialty restaurants -- about 75 percent of the restaurants charged a fee. The Waterfront area that is a promenade was surrounded by not only lifeboats which prevented a good view but ONLY specialty restaurants. Yes, we did go to Cagneys for our anniversary but only because we had a coupon. It is a steak restaurant and, yes, the filet was great but the rest of the meal was nothing to write home about. I am really OFFENDED by all of the specialty restaurants on all of the ships. I do my best to sell cruises as all-inclusive but lately with all the nickel-and-diming, it is impossible. ENTERTAINMENT: I rarely go to shows as I would prefer being outside and looking at the moon on the ocean and I am fussy since I worked in the theater most of my life. I do think that Disney is by far the best when it comes to cruise shows but I did find one production on this ship, ROCK OF AGES, that was excellent. Everyone stood up for a standing ovation. I would have seen it again but it was not easy to get in.

The other good entertainment was in the main restaurant Manhattan (yes, it is one of the few complimentary restaurants) and for the first time ever there was a dance floor and a band and singer (quite good). NCL has always been the innovator in the biz and I am sure other lines will add a dinner dance place. It is so romantic and so much a flashback to another world. Leaving from NY Harbor is always so magical and special and it gives me goose bumps. Of course, looking at Ground Zero is still so sad but now it was also sad on the other side of the ship since the Statue of Liberty was closed due to the government shutdown. I was so upset but fortunately the good state of NY opened it when we got back. Nothing beats NY Harbor and especially when you come back and the lights are on and it looks like Disney World lit up. BERMUDA: What can I say? I obviously love the island so much since I have been there many times (about a dozen or more). The weather was great - well, more humid than usual in October, but NO rain. Okay, this is amazing but I have never seen rain in Bermuda. I think all of my clients should go on vacation with me.

We had three days and we did go to Horseshoe Bay and I did swim and then swam again the last day in Snorkel Park.I read the daily Bermuda newspaper online so I know this country is struggling with tourism due to the economy. Hard to feel sorry for them now as they close all of their shops in the cities and the mall at the port at 5 p.m. Now, honestly, what are they thinking when their season has a six-month window and the days I was there over 6,000 passengers got off the two ships. I love to cruise as everyone knows and I do love NCL for their freestyle dining and casual attire. I hate being on a schedule so this works for me big time. My two favorite islands -- Manhattan and Bermuda. Happy tears when I arrive. Sad tears when I depart. I will be back!!!!
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(Review ID: 988)
5 of 10 people found the following review helpful:
Very enjoyable cruise, but extra-cost items are many, September 7, 2013
Reviewer: MarvKirsch
Pros: Very good staff
Cons: Too many extra-cost items
Date of cruise: 8/25/2013
Departure port: NYC
Region visited: Bermuda
Cabin category: Balcony
Cabin number: 11118
Found through:
Good for children: Yes
MarvKirsch saw things this way
Value For Money   3.00/5  (3)
Cabin Design   4.00/5  (4)
Entertainment   5.00/5  (5)
Fitness Center   5.00/5  (5)
Food Quality   5.00/5  (5)
Ship Maintenance   5.00/5  (5)
Spa   5.00/5  (5)
Staff and Service   5.00/5  (5)

We had a party of 10 and we were accommodated in all aspects. Adjustments have been made since initial sailing to accommodate crowds.

Staff was extremely nice and responsive. Cabin layout much better than NCL Epic. Ship is being retrofitted to add power outlets near head of bed, a small design flaw.

The spa pass price has doubled across the fleet, and I believe it is a bit too high ($199). I will bypass it on the next cruise if price remains this high. There are too many extra cost items. Ship intranet features needs improvement, was not consistent.
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(Review ID: 959)
9 of 12 people found the following review helpful:
Great ship, overrated cruise line, poor service, overpriced and crowded, June 9, 2013
Reviewer: nauticalx
Pros: Ship is new but noisy
Cons: Service is horrible, food is repetitive
Date of cruise: 6-1-13
Departure port: NYC
Region visited: Bermuda
Cabin category: Balcony
Cabin number: 9136
Good for children: No
Good for teenagers: No
nauticalx saw things this way
Value For Money   1.00/5  (1)
Cabin Design   3.00/5  (3)
Entertainment   1.00/5  (1)
Fitness Center   2.00/5  (2)
Food Quality   1.00/5  (1)
Ship Maintenance   3.00/5  (3)
Spa   2.00/5  (2)
Specialty Restaurant   3.00/5  (3)
Staff and Service   1.00/5  (1)

Just got off the Breakaway today…service was horrible. Slow, uncaring, not professional or on their game. Not uncommon to not even be greeted by the waitstaff at dinner, just "Are you ready to order?" Incredible. Waiting 30 minutes or more for an initial dinner beverage or wine was common. Reminders were commonly needed for requests and refills. They lost one of our clearly marked bags.

NCL stopped making custom dishes for people with eating restrictions except for the last day (amazing I know), and basically just charge you more for being on their new ship with poor service. The food was good quality but it was repetitive and not tasteful except for the pizza. Same stuff day in and day out. For the price, it was a complete rip-off.

Service can best be summarized as “We don't have to go out of our way to serve you and your needs because you’ll be amazed by our brand new ship.” They gave us chocolate covered strawberries for delivering our bag to another stateroom. Luckily, a nice lady brought it to us after reading the cabin number clearly marked on the bag.

Our balcony door wasn't fitted properly and made a loud whistling noise in the wind because there was a small gap when closed. A call to operator first thing in the morning and by late afternoon still no show. A second call then resulted in a carpenter then two coming and spending two hours fixing our door. Ship also creaked loudly at the threshold of some door openings. Disappointing would be an understatement.

Ropes course is nice but often closed for wind, geez, who would have thought a cruise ship sailing would have wind? I can't get by just how bad the service was. After being told we could order special dishes 24 hours in advance, they said that NCL changed the policy six months ago to where you can only order a custom dish on the last night of sailing. Icing on the cake was on the last night of sailing they couldn't ind our request and hadn't made our requested dish.
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