Port of Montreal

Montreal, Quebec

Port Location:                     

Port Name:                          
Iberville Passenger Terminal- Port of Montreal 

Port Authority:                    
Montreal Port Authority 

Pier Alexandra
Port of Montréal
Montréal, Québec

 (514) 283-7011 

(514) 283-0829


Web Site:                              

Driving Directions to the Port of Monreal:

From the South Shore:
Champlain Bridge: Take the Wellington exit, then follow the signs to Old Montréal. The street that runs alongside the Old Port is De la Commune.

Victoria Bridge:
About one kilometre after coming off the Bridge, turn right onto Mill Street (across from the shopping centre). Follow it to De la Commune Street (over a little canal). Turn right onto De la Commune.

Jacques-Cartier Bridge:
Keep to the right coming off the bridge, and turn right onto De Maisonneuve Boulevard at the first stoplight. Keep to the left, past Amherst and Saint-Hubert streets, among others, until you reach Berri Street. Turn left and drive to De la Commune Street, in Old Montréal and then turn right.

From downtown:
Berri, Saint-Urbain, Bleury (Parc, north of Sherbrooke) and McGill (Côte du Beaver Hall, north of Viger) streets all lead south to De la Commune Street, which runs alongside the Old Port.

Parking Information and Fees:

Short term parking is available. The rate (Canadian) is $2 per half-hour, and up to $12 for twelve hours. There is a $15 maixumum  for a 24-hour period.


Map the Port of Montreal:



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