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The largest of the online cruise communities, Cruise Critic features cruise reviews, industry news and cruise articles and forums. The cruise forums are probably the most valuable aspect of the site, with most of the activity in the forums organized by cruise line as well as by cruise ports and other cruise topics. You can find a lot of useful information here from experienced cruisers. Ask a question about a specific cabin on a specific cruise ship, and you have a good chance on not only finding someone who has stayed in that cabin, they probably even have pictures to share with you. On the downside, the technology behind the forums is not particularly good, and they can be slow and cumbersome to use. Additionally, the editors go overboard to protect their paid advertising business, so don’t expect to find any truly useful information about particular travel agencies or how to get the best deals on cruises.

All of the content (with the exception of the cruise news) is lovingly hand written by our travel writers.
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