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Job description:  Cruise travel consumer website is in need of bloggers.  We are seeking writers that have personal experience with various small ship cruise lines. Ideally, the writer will have sailed with the line several times.

 Writers must be able to:

  • Create an objective profile of the assigned cruise line. This should be 700-800+ words and discuss the background of the line (when it was founded, who owns it, etc.) and include details about what make this particular line unique. Distinctive itineraries should be mentioned if the line focuses on just one part of the world.
  • Adhere to a publication schedule and provide short news reports about the line on a bi-weekly basis. (i.e.: What is new, sales, special promotions, profiles of staff on board, recipes from the chef, etc.  Be creative!)
  • Adhere to an editorial calendar – defined my All Things Cruise
  • Maintain close contact with the cruise line’s public relations staff (and the cruise directors) who work for the line so that they will feed you this information in a high-priority manner.
  • Have an affinity for research and be able to create interesting visual pictures with their writing.  Bloggers must create attention-grabbing descriptions about the cruise company, its ships and travel locales.
  • Contribute to conference meetings regarding new projects, suggest ideas and brainstorm with our travel expert team.

If interested, please submit your resume and three samples of professional writing to

All of the content (with the exception of the cruise news) is lovingly hand written by our travel writers.
If you wish to use this content, please contact us.

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