Bangkok, Thailand: Grounds of the Grand Palace

Asia and Far East cruises can be on large luxury lines or small, intimate hotel barges and everything in between. Desitnations include China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, and Phuket Island Cruises.


Consumer Reviews about Asia and the Far East Cruises:

Read what fellow travelers say about their Asia and Far East cruises here.


Decorative lanterns on shop entrance in Old Town of Hoi An

Decorative lanterns on shop entrance in Old Town of Hoi An

Learn more about the cruise lines that visit Asia and the Far East:

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Asia and the Far East Cruise Port Reviews:

Singapore Botanical Gardens, National Orchid Garden

See what fellow cruisers have to say about Asia and Far East ports of call here:

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Asia and the Far East Cruises Departure Port Profile:
Beijing's Chang Pu River park

Beijing’s Chang Pu River park

Learn more about how to plan for your stay in these popular Asia and Far East Departure ports:

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