Adelie penguins on icebergh in Antarctica. 
(Photo courtesy of Lindblad Expeditions)

Here are some interesting Antarctica facts:  The seasons in Antarctica are the opposite of the seasons in the Northern hemisphere–summer is October through February, and winter is March through September.  Also, tourists to Antarctica generally visit the Antarctic Peninsula (sometimes referred to as the “Banana Belt”), where the climate is mild in comparison with the rest of the continent.

Antarctic Cruises include stops in South America, Drake Passage, and the Falkland Islands.

Consumer Reviews about Antarctica Cruises:

Reviews of Antarctica Cruises


MS Hanseatic in Antarctica (photo courtesy of Hapag-Lloyd)

MS Hanseatic in Antarctica (photo courtesy of Hapag-Lloyd)


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Antarctica Cruises Departure Port Profile:

While Antarctica is a destination of many world cruises or other long voyages, most Antarctic Cruises depart from South American Destinations. Read here about the the main ports in South American and how to plan for your stay there:

Antarctic Cruises ports of call offer wonderful opportunities for explorations. Browse available shore excursions here.

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Photographs courtesy of Dennis Cox, award-winning travel photographer.

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