Costa Fascinosa visits the port of Trieste

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Trieste is a quite beautiful, marvelous, historic port of call. I first visited Trieste about six years ago and found its history absolutely amazing and loved the brightness of the city, the warm shopkeepers and lovely architecture.

Like Koper, Slovenia, Trieste has changed hands many times. Set between the Adriatic and Italy’s border with Slovenia, Trieste has suffered collateral damage through history as the point where Germanic, Latin and Slavic cultures met – and often clashed. Yet despite its bloody history, Trieste also proved to be one of Europe’S most vital ports: a key shipping and finance center.

Sadly, it is also where the U.S.  journalists disembarked (that would be three colleagues and myself). The ride through the city with its impressive sun-washed buildings took us along the Adriatic to the airport. On a sunny, summery spring day, locals had stripped down to their undies to enjoy the beaches and the sunshine. Not a sight I see regularly here at home, but interesting nonetheless.

Costa Fascinosa has Trieste on its permanent dance card. Passengers will love it.

Costa offers approximately 2,200 ports of calls around the globe.  This ship will begin its regular schedule later this month. That schedule, to run through the summer, will depart from Venice and Bari to Greece and Croatia. The ship will be based in South America this coming winter offering cruises to Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

The Fascinosa is the 14th in the Costa fleet. With sister Favorosa, the duo are the fleet’s largest vessels with 17 sprawling decks (including 10 passenger decks,) and is about three football fields long. The ship accommodates 3,800 passengers.

Traffic patterns are easy to negotiate and anyone familiar with Carnival Cruise Lines’ large ships (Costa is part of the Carnival family,) will be able to find their way around the vessel.

The décor is a really good mix of neutrals and brights, and was designed by Carnival’s primo architect/designer Joe Farcus. It is easy to find his signature colored lights and whimsical furniture, but it is generally a soothing setting on which to enjoy sailing the world’s oceans.

Costa Fascinosa is offering a children sail free programs and has concentrated efforts on selling four types of cabin: Classic (inside, oceanview and veranda); Premium, (best in terms of position on each deck;) Samsara (spa cabins,) and Suite cabins. CostaClub benefits will still apply.

Photos by Marcia Levin

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  1. Sandra McDaniel May 22, 2012 at 9:15 am #

    I lived in Trieste when I was 5 until I was 7 and then again in the early 50’s when I was 10-11(before we were evacuated)My father was in the Army(a Lt.) and was the “manager” for the USA of the Grande Hotel in Trieste.
    My husband and I went back in 2004 or 05 and I tried finding the hotel, make a long story short, the gentleman at the tourist office talked to his father and he gave me the info I is now a bank..but to reiterate what you said, the people there are just fantastic. Will other cruise lines be stopping there in the near future that you might know of, besides Costa??

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