Copenhagen’s Hotel Kong Arthur offers many personal touches

For the past two days in Copenhagen we have been staying at the Hotel Kong Arthur (“Hotel King Arthur”) a family-owned hotel located near the center city.

I chose this boutique hotel because I knew it would give us more of a European experience. We were not disappointed. The Brochner family now owns most of the buildings on this small block, including another smaller property, Ibsens Hotel. All are cleverly interconnected but have the feel of distinct properties.

The “village,” as Kirsten Brochner Mortensen describes it, consists of the two hotels, the Helle Thorup Spa and three restaurants – La Rocca is Italian, Pintxos has a Spanish tapas theme and SticksnSushi which is Asian. All are situated around a central open courtyard.

The Brocher family manages the two hotels and leases the spa and restaurant operations. “We want people who are passionate about their work…be it food or spa services.” All of these other businesses are open to the street as well and have a lively local trade.

We ended up in staying in two different rooms at the Kong Arthur, one was a “small” and the other was a “mini suite.” Both were satisfactory, but I know that most Americans would prefer the larger space. So if you are booking here, do ask for one of the larger rooms. The rooms feature contemporary artwork, beds that are high enough for suitcases to fit underneath, ironing boards and free wired internet access.

Breakfast is included in many packages and it is ample…yogurt, three granolas, fresh fruit, baked good, eggs, cheese, meats, fresh-squeezed orange juice and smoothies.

There are many, many personal touches in this hotel which makes it fun to stay in and explore. Ibsens Hotel is also quite nice but a bit more minimal…but also less expensive. It was totally renovated and redecorated just a year ago with artwork and furniture produced by local artists. Perhaps “hip” is the best way to describe it. There are few amenities, but again the rooms are adequate and there are five sizes. If you want something less expensive, this is a good choice.

This eco-friendly hotel – it is one of the first in Europe to be carbon neutral – also rents bikes and tiny electric cars to its customers for exploring the city.

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