Cooking Lesson at Sea

 unnamedThe weather is still coolish, so this morning we met in the main cabin for a cooking lesson from Serdar.  He demonstrated a Pilaf, that originated in Mardin,  -“a very old and lovely almost Italianate town in Southeastern Turkey, near Syria, a multi-cultural place with narrow streets and archways, where they make delicate silverware and jewelry.”

unnamed1The dish was a composed pilaf, with each layer arranged in exact order – sauteed beef, onions, chick peas, chopped tomatoes, sliced eggplant and spices, including one local spice I had never heard of – mahlep, dried wild cherry powder. The rice was the last layer.  It would cook while we returned to Bozburin for a quick tour, and would be ready at lunchtime.unnamed2

Bozburin is lovely, with a large white mosque dominating the centre of town and a curving seafront. Here they build gulets, by hand, using methods of boat building that are centuries old.  We visited a boat building centre then walked through the town. I almost bought a pair of hand-embroidered boots – so pretty, but probably impractical.  But I did pick up a package of the dried wild cherry powder, which I will experiment with when I get home.

unnamed3We were back at the ship as the pilaf was ready to be turned out, and we enjoyed it, with fresh yoghurt, salad and smoked eggplant.

An after-lunch swim was refreshing, and then we sailed for a small bay near Marmaris where we anchored for the night.

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